Cute ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ Bottles Available in Golden Village from Tomorrow (24 Jan)

Please don’t call me toothless; for I belong to the tribe of those who love How to Train Your Dragon along with at least a million more other Singaporeans as well.

On second thoughts, do call me Toothless please, as our oh-so-cute black knight dragon swoops into town for its third and series-ending instalment: How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, on 31 January 2019.

Image: IMDb

Golden Village How to Train Your Dragon Collectible Cups

That’s not all though; come 24 January, which is tomorrow, fans of Toothless and the series will be able to literally get your hands on the little fiery one and surprise, surprise, his girlfriend, Light Fury too.

Image: Giphy

Golden Village will be offering these How to Train Your Dragon collectible cups through a promotional Movie Combo Set:

Image: Golden Village

Priced at just $14.50 (for stuff worth $22!), the movie combo includes 1 Large Popcorn, 1 Regular Drink and 1 Collectible Cup -between Light Fury or Night Fury) of your choice.

There’s also a $1 off for GV members because Golden Village takes good care of its tribe, just like Astrid and Toothless do to toward each other.

Do note that this combo is on a while stocks last basis and needs to be purchased alongside a movie ticket as well.

That said, wouldn’t it be awesome if you were in the theater accompanied by at least a hundred Toothless sitting snugly in cup holders, all watching a giant Toothless on screen?

Vieshow cinema Toothless Popcorn Basket

Now, if you are wondering about your poor popcorn, seeing as to how your drinks will be housed so adorably (practical too, cos with straws) within Light or Dark Fury’s frame, fret not!

Apparently, Taiwan’s very own Vieshow Cinema has come up too with exclusive How to Train Your Dragon merchandise as well.

Here they are:

Image: Walkerland
Image: Walkerland
Image: Vieshow Cinemas
Image: Viewshow Cinemas

I mean, are those plants alive?

How are they not stretching out to tickle or cuddle Toothless silly?

Image: Walkerland

If you are wondering how to get your hands on this popcorn bucket, there are two options for you.

  • If you are heading to Taiwan by any chance, it’s available at 威秀影城 Vieshow Cinemas (while stocks last) for 439NT$/approx SGD 19 (on sale now) and the price stated is inclusive of 1 popcorn (in the Light/Dark Fury frame or course) and 1 drink.
  • If you aren’t going to Taiwan and simply do not know of any personal friends/family members going there, you can AirFrov it over.

If you don’t know what AirFrov is, it’s basically an online marketplace that allows for people to make overseas purchases.

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By linking travellers up with would-be buyers, travellers will, for an agreed-upon price- make a goods purchase and lug it back to wherever you are.

That said, it is rumoured that the asking price for a Toothless Popcorn basket is going for roughly about $45.

Ouch, that’s rough indeed.

But hey, wouldn’t it be awesome to have Light or Dark Fury watch over you at night?

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