Cute Puppies Born at Construction Site Looking For Owners Living on Private Properties

Image: Facebook (Peh Sue Ann)

Dogs are cute. When they look at you in your eyes, you can’t help but melt and give them what they want.

Be it the last piece of meat on the plate, or that belly scratch he’s been whining for.

Now that we’ve established how amazing puppies are, there are five puppies that need your help.

But before we get into the meaty details…

Here are some pictures to get your doggo fix.

What chu staring at?

Image: Facebook (Peh Sue Ann)

Happy’s my middle name!

Image: Facebook (Peh Sue Ann)

Now, don’t be fooled by their appearance.

These pups have a sad story behind them. In fact, they’re still waiting for their happy ending.

Here’s what you need to know.

Puppies Discovered in S’pore

Image: Facebook (Peh Sue Ann)

A couple of weeks ago, 5 puppies were discovered by two women, Sharon Oh and Peh Sue Ann.

The puppies were allegedly born in a construction site.

The two women have been making regular trips to visit the puppies and feed them over the past few weeks.

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However, the status quo can’t remain forever

According to a Facebook post by Peh, the puppies were living in a nursery but had to be removed or they’ll be drowned in a pond.

According to Peh, the puppies are currently residing in an area outside a nursery for plants.

While considerably safer, the puppies are exposed to the weather, which, considering its rainy season now, isn’t great for a growing puppy.

Plus, when you combine the weather with the surrounding greenery, you might get unwanted visitors like pythons in the area.

The duo is currently looking for adopters to bring the five puppies home.

But There’s a Catch

Image: Facebook (Peh Sue Ann)

You’ll have to live in a private property in order to adopt the puppies: The doggos are not HDB-approved.

The two women decided not to seek help from dog shelters in Singapore as they know these places are usually overworked and had their resources stretched thin.

Instead, they decide to do it on their own and look for adopters out of their own time.

Know anyone suitable?

Here’s how you can do your part for these super cute dogs: send this article to all your friends who have the ability (and the possibility) to become fur dads and fur moms.

According to images provided by Peh Sue Ann, the dogs seemed to be very used to humans.

Image: Facebook (Peh Sue Ann)

Not only do they get to save lives, but they’ll also be able to gain a loyal companion to spice up their lives.

Two stones, one bird. Isn’t that just great?

You can get their contact details here.