Cutest S’pore Video of 2018: Man Wore Helmet Wrongly & Laughed It Out

Image: Facebook (Khrl Azhr)

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve just got famous globally.

There’s no need for a Trump-Kim summit that cost SGD$16.3 million or a movie that cost SGD$41.3 million to make to make Singapore viral again.

All we need is this video:

Posted by Facebook user Khrl Azhr, it was uploaded this morning at about 9:50 a.m. and in less than 10 hours, it has garnered well over 1.7 million views, 61K Shares and 6.5K comments.

Given that Facebook isn’t exactly pushing short viral videos to users nowadays, you can bet it must have been one heck of a video to achieve such a result.

If you hadn’t had the data to watch the video, then go eat some chicken rice and cry over it because you’re really missing out.

If you have, here are the classic scenes that make this the cutest Singapore video of 2018.

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Turning of Head Together

This is classic. Just look at how friendly they look:

Image: Facebook (Khrl Azhr)

I can look at this six thousand times and would still look at it one more time.

Rider’s Laugh

He just gained a fan with that laugh.

Image: Facebook (Khrl Azhr)


What is this, I don’t know. Just something that melts every girl’s heart.

Xing Xing is a 34-year-old Singaporean who's looking for a boyfriend online. She finally found one but things didn't turn out the way she'd have expected. Watch her heartbreaking story here:

Image: Facebook (Khrl Azhr)

The revelation that he’s not that young

Is it just me, or does his thinning hair suddenly turn him from a 24-year-old to a 42-year-old? #westilllovetoy

Image: Facebook (Khrl Azhr)

Why Getting Such Views is Extraordinary

Lest you’ve not noticed, there are less so-called “viral videos” in Facebook recently.

This is due to Facebook’s focus on “meaningful interactions” in their users: if you’d have remembered, earlier this year, Facebook’s current focus is more on “bringing people closer together” instead of “passively consuming contents”.

Since this year, it’s harder to make a content “viral”, unless it’s something like the S-hook Ah Lian. This is why short, viral videos that used to fill up your newsfeed are now replaced by (sometimes boring) contents from your friends and family members instead, as Facebook de-prioritize contents by businesses and media outlets, one of the main sources of viral contents.

We of course know about this since we’ve the numbers to back everything up. Here’s an example: in this video that was published in 2017, the Shares is at less than 2.7K, and the views are well over 582K views (passive consumption by many people):

And in this recent video, the Shares is at more than 7.1K, yet the views are merely 528K views (more interactions, less consumption):

Both videos are branded content with SPF, and the second video even got shared by mainstream media: however, you can see the difference in views.

This new direction by Facebook has brought down businesses that depend solely on Facebook for their content distribution.

So, for a Singapore video that gets over 1.7 million views in less than 10 hours?

That’s not just a win: it’s a miraculous win.

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