Cyclist Cut Car’s Lane Then Flipped By Itself; But There’s Something Disturbing Here

Last Updated on 2017-06-21 , 6:55 pm

Yesterday (19 June 2017) night, Facebook user Prince De Elle Lam posted a video of a cyclist cutting into his lane, almost deliberately, despite the driver’s honks.

A few seconds later, the cyclist hit a kerb and flipped over—all by himself.

Here’s the video that has, in less than 15 hours, garnered over 600 Shares and 27K views.

Now, let’s admit that the cyclist has done something really wrong: he’s putting himself, and every road user, at risk. And for him to DGAF about the honks shows how much he DGAF about the rules.

It’s normal to get angry, and to think of the word “karma” immediately.

But after the fall, and despite the anger boiling in the driver…isn’t there a part of him who thinks that the cyclist, in spite of how rotten his attitude is, needs help?

Just like what this person has suggested?

But what’s even but sad is that so far, there’s been only three comments about this, when there’re tens of comments.

Maybe we’ve all become so angry, we forget to be gracious.

Or maybe I’m just trying to be righteous online…but based on self-interest, can one really go to sleep knowing that the boy could be severely injured without your help? #justsaying

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