Cyclist Fell Down By Himself & Allegedly Blamed Taxi Driver for His Fall

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It seems like cyclists and their road shenanigans are a hit in Trashy Feed.

If not, why would cyclists keep pulling article-worthy stunts in the first place?

This time, its an incident where a cyclist falls on to the pavement because the vehicle got too close.

Wait we already did that.

It’s an incident where a cab was involved with our token cyclist

Oh, done too.

Urgh, let’s just get on with this.

Butter your popcorn and prepare to pass your judgement because here’s the story in gifs and picture form with accompanying commentary.


Cyclist Fell Down By Himself But Blamed Taxi Instead

On Monday (18 Mar) at around 5.16pm, a cyclist in blue was riding along St Andrew’s Road.


The cyclist was cycling at the side of the road when he teetered and fell onto the pavement. Since a taxi was right beside him when it happened, he concluded that it absolutely had to have been the cab’s fault.

Or somebody’s fault.

Somebody needs to take the blame so he wouldn’t look as stupid (but it didn’t work).


Then, he righteously picked himself up, knocked politely on the taxi’s window, and started calmly giving the driver a piece of his mind.


The driver wound down his window enough to poke his hand out, all the better to gesture with, and he carries out his role of the civil exchange.


Another driver adjacent to the cab also wound down his window to join in the fun.

Then the cyclist gives up and meanders rides away on his bicycle.

And that, folks, is the end of the accident. Are you thankful it’s not like the many part saga on the lorry driver and his cyclist? Or disappointed? Probably the latter, you voyeurs of pain and drama.

Anyway, here’s the full video lest you’ve enough data to burn for yet another cyclist vs vehicle video.

So who do we blame?

You might not see it, but it could be the drain fault.

More specifically, it’s the storm drain’s fault, which has grills running parallel to the pavement, and a gap by the side of the grill that is big enough to trap a thin bicycle wheel.

Credits: Love Cycling

As says, “when front wheel got caught by drain grating and his shoe cleats could not be undone quick enough, falling was inevitable”. You can check out the first gif again and notice the jolt in the bicycle when its tire presumably got snagged.

Here’s a picture to illustrate how the wheel fits snugly in the gap.

Credits: Love Cycling

Evidently, this is no isolated incident we are discussing, so this minor and petty incident has led us to ponder a bigger problem.


“Our road infrastructure does not support safe cycling”

The goal of making Singapore a cycling paradise has been a while now, and understandably so since cycling would help with road congestion problems, decrease health problems linked with inactivity, and make the country a greener place.

But along with all the projects to improve the cycling path network, this problem should also be addressed in the meantime so cycling on the road won’t be a masochistic decision.

Because aren’t you tired of reading yet another vehicle vs cyclist article?


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