Over 30 Cyclists Seen Occupying 2 Out of 3 Lanes Along Jalan Bahar

It’s not an understatement to say that cyclists are not many Singaporeans’ favourite group of people.

In fact, the list of unpopular groups in the country goes:

  1. The COVID-19 task force when they announce any restrictions
  2. Traffic wardens
  3. Errant cyclists

All you have to do is post a video of a cyclist on Facebook, even if he’s by himself and following the rules, and some netizens in the comments will act as if he’s slaughtered a puppy.

But there are times when the cyclists do indeed appear to be in the wrong.

Over 30 Cyclists Seen Occupying 2 Out of 3 Lanes Along Jalan Bahar

A video of more than 30 cyclists riding along Jalan Bahar has made the rounds on social media.

It was first shared on the Facebook page ROADS.sg.

The video begins with a view of a clear and empty road. As the driver recording the footage approaches the end of that stretch of road, he spots a group of cyclists in their natural habitat – the left and middle lanes.

Image: Facebook (ROADS.sg)

What seems like a few riders then turns into a large group of over 30 cyclists. While the majority of them are in the leftmost lane, some are in the centre, and others are even close to the right lane.

Image: Facebook (ROADS.sg)
Image: Facebook (ROADS.sg)
Image: Facebook (ROADS.sg)

In the end, the driver had to shift to the rightmost lane to overtake the cyclists, as many of them stayed in the middle lane even as the car approached them from behind.

Image: Facebook (ROADS.sg)

Netizens’ Reaction 

As you’d expect, netizens weren’t too pleased when they saw the cyclists taking up more than half the road, and made their feelings known in the comments section.

“I am both a driver on the roads / avid cyclist at park connectors. Seeing this video makes my blood boil. Hogging the roads like they own it, oblivious to the traffic behind?!” one commenter said.

“A pest nowadays, why can’t they follow the rules, cos of them, other cyclists affected,” said another.

Others pointed out that the group may have flouted COVID-19 rules.

Image: Facebook (ROADS.sg)
Image: Facebook (ROADS.sg)

So, What are the Rules?

According to the Land Transport Authority’s website, cyclists can ride on the roads two abreast, or side by side.

The problem was that the cyclists in the video were riding in rows of three or four at times.

Image: Facebook (ROADS.sg)

What’s more, cyclists are supposed to ride as close as they can to the left-hand edge of roads, and allow traffic to overtake them safely.

As for exercising, people are only allowed to do so in groups of five, in accordance with the prevailing COVID-19 guidelines.

There’s also a set of laws cyclists have to follow when they’re cycling in Singapore. Watch this video to learn more:

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Featured Image: Facebook (ROADS.sg)