Daiso Provides New Price Table From 1 May; $2 Items Will be at $2.14


Alas, all good things must come to an end. 

Unfortunately, our days of Daiso-retail-therapy are about to take a hit from 1 May, as our beloved items are no longer selling at $2 each.

A new price table has just confirmed that Daiso’s items will be selling at $2.14 instead of $2.

Even Daiso Can’t Escape GST Hike

The Japanese retail giant will start charging 7% Goods and Services Tax for all their products, starting 1 May 2022.

A Facebook post of the price change notice read:

“Price change notice

Dear valued customers,


Thank you for all your continuous support. We always strive to keep prices as affordable as possible. To continue improving the quality of our products, there will be a price change.

All prices will be exclusive of GST from May 1, 2022.”

Update Confirms Price Hike, Even Includes Threeppy Prices

If you thought that $2 to $2.14 was devastating enough, it turns out that Threeppy’s goods are also undergoing a price hike.

Including Goods and Services Tax, $2 will become $2.14.

We’ve taken the liberty to list out all the price hikes and what Daiso’s price tags would equate to in SGD:

  • 200JP¥ = $4.07
  • 300JP¥ = $6.21
  • 400JP¥ = $7.28
  • 500JP¥ = $9.42
  • 600JP¥ = $10.49
  • 700JP¥ = $12.63
  • 800JP¥ = $13.70
  • 900JP¥ = $15.84
  • 1,000JP¥ = $16.91
  • 1,100JP¥ = $19.05
  • 1,200JP¥ = $20.12
  • 1,300JP¥ = $22.26
  • 1,400JP¥ = $23.33
  • 1,500JP¥ = $25.47

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$2.14: Round Up or Down?

Of course, many people started crying rivers of tears at the thought of Daiso raising their prices.

After all, their prices have been consistent for so many years that it was hard to believe an old friend has forsaken us like this. The mentality of “aiya, it’s just $2” will soon become “wait, is this really worth the extra $0.14?”

Commenters also calculated that with a 7% GST charge, you can buy 14 items for $30, instead of 15 items.

But commenters had more important questions, namely: would Daiso round up or round down $2.14?

But everyone agreed on one thing: it’s time to stock up on your essential Daiso products and get your money’s worth before 1 May 2022.

Also, you might want to watch this video to understand why people are triggered:

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