Everything About Dalgona Coffee, The Trending Drink That Can be Made at Home for IG


But I saw it first on TikTok!

Okay fine, we’re not hip enough to TikTok this so we’ll be sticking to IG.

Lest you don’t know what the heck we’re talking about, take a look at this:

In case you don’t know what you’re looking at, it’s a strong, thick whipped coffee cream on top of milk. And it’s all over social media now for a very simple reason: people got nothing better to do it’s easy to make with only a few ingredients that almost everybody has.

Seriously, you probably have this 3 ingredients:

  • Water (Check)
  • Sugar (Check)
  • Instant Coffee (Check)

I know lah, the coffee thing from Korea right? You think I swakoo meh?


The Drink Is Actually Found In Macau, India and Pakistan

Image: Tenor

Yep. If you don’t believe me, check out this video released last year for Indian Cappuccino:

In Macau, India and Pakistan, this is simply “whipped coffee”.

You see, what happened was that Jung Il Woo, a South Korean actor who went to Macau on the show “Pyunstorang” (Fun-Staurant). He discovered the frothy drink and found it to be similar to a Korean sponge candy the Koreans have called Dalgona candy, so he called it Macau Dalgona Coffee.

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Then it went viral on TikTok and YouTube trending as Dalgona Coffee.

But you see, which one sounds better? “Dalgona Coffee”, which nobody has heard of before, or Indian whipped coffee?

Indians in Singapore be like we already have Indian coffee at home:

Kopi Tarik. Not Instagrammable, but still delicious. / Image: Burpple (Kevin M)

So anyway.


How to Make Dalgona Coffee/Whipped Coffee

I have to remind you that the “Feed” in “GoodyFeed” isn’t food-related, so we’ll turn to a more reliable source: YouTuber ddulgi.

Use a 1:1:1 ratio of Instant Coffee: Sugar: Hot Water, and dump it all in a bowl. 2 Tbsp each makes about 2 portions.

Image: Youtube (뚤기ddulgi)

Give it a mix.

Image: Youtube (뚤기ddulgi)

And keep mixing… just keep mixing…

And bring out the big boys stand-mixer to do what your arm couldn’t.

Image: Youtube (뚤기ddulgi)

Wait, but you told me everybody has all the ingredients here. Nobody told me about a stand-mixer.

Well… it is possible to just mix it in a mug simply.

Image: Youtube (뚤기ddulgi)

But in the description for the video, ddulgi wrote: “Well, I think I stirred it about 1,000 times, not 400…I thought my arms were going to disappear. Haha🤣😅”

And then another YouTube comment said he/she stirred the coffee for about a month.

Image: Youtube (뚤기ddulgi)

So do what you wish.

The mixture is going to turn into this colour:

Image: Youtube (뚤기ddulgi)

Then this colour:

Image: Youtube (뚤기ddulgi)

Then finally this colour and very frothy and light:

Image: Youtube (뚤기ddulgi)

At which point, you’re done. Pour the frothy coffee over a cup of milk.

Image: Youtube (뚤기ddulgi)

Enjoy your cup of Pakistan Whipped Coffee.

Since you can’t go out much to cafes for IG-shots anymore, this might be a great alternative uh?


Next. Dalgona Milo.