It’s more dangerous to work in an airport today but you wouldn’t expect THIS to be the reason why

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Okay, I lied. You might have expected this to be the reason—that is if you have been following internet news all this while.

Do you know what I’m talking about? No? Well, I’m talking about the few (admittedly) ridiculous things that have been happening in Chinese airports, or to be more specific, Chinese travellers.

Airport staff slapped and humiliated because of flight delay
Flight delays are an unwelcomed but accepted part of travel today, and most of us have learnt to take it with impatience and some grumbling (or shouting, depends on you) on our parts, but it seemed that two Chinese travellers didn’t get the memo and were excessively angered when a Capital Airlines flight out of Changsha was delayed.

According to NetEase, after their request to meet with the airline representative was refused, they decided to vent their frustration on the counter staff instead. Because, why not, right?

A furious woman flung her food at the worker while a male slapped her in her face and shouted aggressively, “I hit you, so what?”, before proceeding to go all incredible hulk on the items at the counter at around 8.30pm.

Netizens are disgusted at their behaviour and hope that both of them can be put on the national blacklist, or just thrown into prison.

Cabin crew attacked because passengers were denied free upgrade to first-class
All of us, including you and me, hope to get a free upgrade to first-class even if we’re holding an economy ticket. The internet is filled with hacks or tips on how to get a first-class seat—things like giving up your seat and volunteering for a later flight, etc—but I bet if we were denied that much-coveted upgrade, you won’t react in this manner. Or I hope you won’t.

According to Shanghaiist, this happened on a Hainan Airlines flight from Taiyuan to Chongqing. Cabin crews approached two men and told them that they could not sit at the first-class seats because they were holding on to economy class tickets.

The men were told to either vacate the seats or pay the difference. Not liking either option, both men decide to intimidate their way through (kind of like how Singaporean aunties attempt to intimidate you and get you to give up your seat to them) and turned aggressive.


A physical brawl took place, and four cabin crew together with a police officer were injured in the incident. The plane had to return to the terminal and the entire flight was delayed for two hours.

Moral of the story: Violence won’t solve all issues.

Airport clerk attacked for doing her job, leaving her lying in a pool of blood
If you thought that the previous two incidents mentioned were ridiculous, wait till you hear about this. You’re either going to be shocked, or…actually, I think you’ll be shocked.

According to Shanghaiist, a passenger approached a counter clerk for help to print out an itinerary for his friend. When asked for his identification, he could not produce one. When the clerk refused to print the itinerary for him, he got angry and assaulted the poor clerk with the “Ticket Counter” sign, leaving her to collapse in a pool of her own blood.

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Police reached the scene and managed to detain the man. The airline released a statement on the incident, promising to protect the rights of their staff.

According to Straits Times, the man was detained for 10 days before he was charged to pay a fine and the woman’s medical bills.

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