DC Dropped New Wonder Woman Trailer & It Looks Lit

Wonder Woman was once the only reigning Super Hero title from DC. Anybody who objects this fact can now click on the exit button. 

I’m kidding, don’t exit just yet! Totally not taking back what I said because it is what it is. Wonder Woman was once the best – and arguably the better lit – DC flick. 

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You might be wondering, “So where is this whole thing going? What is she on about?” 

Folks, here’s the situation. How does one simply contain the excitement after having just watched another Wonder Woman trailer? The answer to that is, you just don’t. There is simply no time to waste. 

You spontaneously combust into a pile of colourful confetti. Then you proceed to go crazy with the sharing spree. Of course, that is after you’ve mandatorily tweeted, “Gal Gadot can like get it #GrlPwr.” 

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I’ve been there and done that! Now if you haven’t seen it… You suck! I’m kidding.

I shall proceed with the honour of unravelling what might be the only thing that will keep you wanting to progress onto the next decade.

We’re Going Back To The 80s

If the title Wonder Woman 1984 hasn’t given away the message? Yes, it’s throwback season with our golden girl, Gal.

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Could we possibly expect a disco fever driven Diana Prince? I hope we do. I’m keeping my expectations incredibly low – not really.

Who am I kidding? I have never been this excited!

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The trailer features a handful of classic Wonder Woman action. It’s so badass, I’m shook. Peep at that new costume.

I stan the queen of badassery! 

Image: CNET

How is Steve Trevor Alive?

It’s a bird! No, it’s a plane! Close enough. No plane jokes? Okay… So, Steve Trevor is back. Don’t scream! We are all calm!

My girlhood has never been shook this hard since Princess Diaries 2. I am in actual tears! He’s so beautiful!

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Captain James T. Kirk Chris Pine isn’t the only returning member of the original Wonder Woman cast. Word has it that fans can expect a handful more. Not to mention, Patty Jenkins will also be returning as the director of the film.

How exciting! So why is he alive? What’s going on? There’s only one way to find out.

Did Somebody Say New Villains?

According to TechCrunch, Kristen Wiig will be starring as the antagonist, Cheetah. While Pedro Pascal will playing the role of Maxwell Lord.

Image: Movieweb

Villains galore! But how is Steve Trevor alive? How?

We’ll have to wait for another six months to find out. According to sources, the film is scheduled to premiere on 5 June 2020.

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