Dead Cockroaches Will Still Be Back Unless You’ve Killed Their Eggs; Here’s How to Do It

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So, you’ve just spotted a few cockroaches and crushed them to death. You sang your victory song and boasted to all your friends about what you had done, and thought that you’ll have successfully cleared your room of cockroaches.

A few months later, you spotted even more cockroaches and you thought they came from your neighbours.

Well, not really.

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They’re the children of the parents you’ve killed a few months back, and they’re back for you.

Cockroaches, just like humans, reproduce—at a faster pace, in fact (up to 50 eggs per time!).

When you spot a few cockroaches in your house, you can bet that they’ve laid some eggs and those eggs are waiting to be hatched; so even if you kill all cockroaches in the house with many poison baits, those eggs will still hatch and soon, haunt you again.

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I know what you’re thinking: why not just spread insecticides in the entire house, close the doors and windows and suffocate all cockroaches?

Here’s the thing: eggs won’t suffocate.

They’ll still hatch. And in case it has not been obvious enough, poison bait won’t work as well because eggs don’t move.

Now, we’re really at our wits’ end, aren’t we? So does that mean when there are cockroaches in the house, we’re set to have those annoying pests in our house forever?

I hate to break the bad news to you, but yes, to some extent, that’s the reason why cockroaches seem to always reappear after you’ve killed one.

Solution to a Cockroach-free House

But there’s a solution, though: find and destroy the eggs. It’s not easy, but doable. Cockroaches usually lay their eggs in a hard-to-reach dark area, like a crack in walls or behind a fixed object.

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These are also their hiding places during the day. Firstly, you’ll need to find these areas—to do so, switch off the lights and wait for the cockroaches to crawl onto the floor.

Then switch the lights back on and the cockroach will reveal its hiding place by going back to where it came from (come on—you think they’re smart enough to lead to you a wild goose chase?).

Once you’ve located the hiding spot, use something known as an insect growth regulator (not your usual insecticide), which can be bought online easily.

Since it’s hard to reach the area, just fill the area with the growth regulator. It doesn’t kill the eggs, but make them sterile and therefore unable to hatch.

It might seem like a lot of work, but isn’t that better than having your girlfriend or wife screaming in the middle of the night every few days?

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