Deal of the Day: $18 Off Grab Rides with New Promo Codes (Yay!)


I know what you’re thinking: now that Grab and Uber has married and given birth to a child called monopoly, why would there still be a promo code for Grab?

Well, because they’re trying to convince you to use Paypal to pay for your Grab rides.


Just like how we try to convince you to download this app by writing about this promotion only in this app and not in our website #marketing101

To redeem this promotion, simply use the promo code PAYPAL and select Paypal as your mode of payment.

You can then get $6 off 3 rides, which works out to a total saving of $18.

Here’s a visual example:


The promotion will be from now until 20 April 2018. Here’re the terms and conditions you should be aware of (I’ve bolded the more important ones):

  • Valid from 16 to 30 April 2018.
  • Limited to 3 redemptions per user.
  • Limited redemptions available.
  • Standard booking fees and surcharges apply.
  • The promo code is valid for all Grab services except GrabCycle, GrabHitch and GrabShuttle.
  • Users have to pay with PayPal and apply the promo code ‘PAYPAL’.
  • Available only on the latest app version.
  • Other T&Cs apply.

My advice: redeem it fast but make sure your app is updated to the latest version.

Most of us think that our phone will auto-update when we’ve got Wifi connection but that’s incorrect: it will only auto-update in a specific time (with Wifi) with the most optimum condition (e.g. battery full, good connection, X number of apps waiting to be updated…etc), and usually it’ll update a cluster of apps together.

Well, today you just saved some money #youarewelcome

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