Dee Kosh Admits There is Truth to Some Allegations & Apologises; Seeks Forgiveness from People


To be honest, before this, I was 98% certain that all these hoo-has about his alleged sexual harassments were all part of a social experiment. He’s done it with BTS army before, and it’s no surprise that he’s doing it again, whether for the views or for awareness about cancel culture.

And now, with this latest development?

Well, it’s still hard to say, given that it’s Dee Kosh we’re talking about, the guy who called out other people for…erm, sexual harassment?

Dee Kosh Admitted There is ‘Truth’ to Some Allegations & Apologise; Seeks Forgiveness from People

Lest you’ve been reading about DPM Heng instead of Dee Kosh, whose real name is Darryl Ian Koshy, here’s a short recap of what’s gone down.

Over the weekend, a few people took to Instagram and Twitter to accuse the YouTuber and radio deejay of asking for nudes and sexual favours via Telegram and Instagram. The problem here? Those are minors between the age of 15 to 17 then.

On the day that the allegations surfaced, Dee Kosh had denied all the allegations, and claimed that he would be taking “necessary steps to clear this all up”.

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In addition to that, he got a law firm to draft out a demand letter to one of the accusers.

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And so, we waited patiently for Dee Kosh to cry on camera and talk about how cancel culture has made him lose his YouTube channel and job, and then come back a few days later to educate us about how accusations could’ve killed a person’s career.

But no; instead, just an hour ago, he posted an apology instead.

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I'm sorry.

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Lest you can’t read (and also don’t understand why people are writing things on an image), here’s what he’s written:

Today I stand before you to account for my actions.

I woke up on Saturday morning to Instastories of some very serious allegations against me, and as the day went on, more and more people presented their cases.

Some of the allegations baffled me because they were baseless and untrue.

However, even though I had put out on an earlier statement on Instastories denying allegations which had surfaced initially, I now admit that there is truth to some of the things which are being said now, and I am sorry to the people I have hurt in the process.

I have never imagined that I’d have to address the matter like this, but I guess now that it’s out in the open, it is important for me to get straight to the point.

I hope that after today, I will have your forgiveness.

I don’t do relationships, I don’t do commitments.

I also believe whatever goes on in the bedroom of two consenting adults is their own private matter.

I always ask for the age of any person I proposition before we get to talking about any details just to be sure that it’s between two consenting adults.


There are some screenshots circulating of me texting with a 15-year-old that I now accept is problematic.

My tone was questionable, but there was absolutely no intent to groom him.

Let me state categorically that I did not ever have any sexual relations with him or with any minor.

To me, it was a friendly conversation which was cheeky and inappropriate, but I did not take it any further.

In hindsight, I see what was wrong and I take full responsibility for my actions, and I am sorry.

  1. The allegations of me looking for paid sex on the dating apps are completely false. The person in the screenshots is a catfish.
  2. I have never used my talent management business as a platform for anything else apart from working with all our clients for content creation and entertainment. My propositions for sex have always been clear and definitive. Just like my proposals to acquire talents for my talent roster. To blur these lines not only paints me as a predator but also impacts my business, the talents and the people who work along with me. Worse, it also impacts my relationship with my friends, my followers and most importantly to me, my family. I have always separated work and play. Whether it’s about my love life, family life, friendships or whatever. I’ve always maintained a line in between my life’s compartments.

I will let my talents respond to the allegations at their own time and on their own will. They may or they may not. That is their choice and their prerogative.


I promise that from here on now I will do everything in my power to be better.

I want to take conscious steps to change, to heal, to be the person that I want my family to be proud of.

This is most important to me. I take personal responsibility for all my actions.

If there is any anger and disappointment, please direct them at me and not the people I love.

I would like now to apologize to all the people who have suffered from this.


I hope I can have your forgiveness.

In this caption, he  just wrote one sentence: “I’m sorry.”

Police Reports Made Against Him

If this is a social experiment, then it’d have caused taxpayers’ money because the police is now involved.

According to TODAYonline, at least four police reports have been filed against Dee Kosh. It’s unknown who filed the reports, but the police are now investigating the reports.

Power 98, the radio station he works in as a part-time deejay, said that he is now on leave pending investigation, and that the station “does not tolerate any form of harassment.”

The lawyer who drafted the demand letter has also claimed that he’s no longer representing Dee Kosh.

So, stay tuned. I’m waiting for that cancel culture video.