Dee Kosh Dropped 51-Min Video About His Entire Ordeal to Tell His Side of the Story


Last Updated on 2023-04-18 , 5:02 pm

Dee Kosh—his saga has stretched on for so long, with people on both sides of the coin arguing about everything there is to fight about.

Amid the furious court battles and rousing allegations, however, he’s been relatively silent about his side of the story. When he made his comeback recently, he elected to speak about lighter topics first, like how he lost all that weight (spoiler alert: it’s by being in jail).

But finally, he’s come forward with a 51-minute-long video clarifying everything from his perception of everything—in case you don’t want to 

sit through it like I did, here’s a comprehensive breakdown. 

The Time Is Right

Starting the video, Dee Kosh expressed that the time was right, and he was ready to talk about what exactly he did. 

“I’m not trying to tell a fantasy. I’m not here to tell you about my emotions,” the former YouTuber said, speaking into a microphone in a dark room.

Two unnamed female guests joined him, though the video never revealed who they were, in hopes that they would help him feel more comfortable while sharing his story.

After reiterating that this video only serves to show his side of the story, he dived straight into the content.

If you have only two minutes, you can watch this video instead:

The First Accusations

He began by discussing the most glaring matter, the first accusations against him. 


They first came to light in August 2020, when a 15-year-old boy leaked their conversation screenshots in an exposé of the internet personality, accusing him of soliciting sex from minors.

Following this, people insinuated that he slept with the boy, slept with his talents, and used overnight shoots as a cover for sex, amongst other things.

In response to the first allegations from the boy about them sleeping together, Dee Kosh issued him a cease-and-desist letter, saying that the boy’s accusations were untrue. 

Dee Kosh reiterated that he did not send these letters to everyone who came forward, denying the widespread notion that he silenced his victims with lawyer’s letters. He sent it to the boy only because the accusations, according to him, were simply untrue and, therefore, harmful to him and his brand.

Sugar Babies

Next, he spoke about why he paid for company of that nature in the first place, hoping to provide some context to his situation.

“For the lack of a better word, it’s called sugar baby,” he admitted, saying it was what that kind of relationship was known as nowadays. 

In this sort of relationship, he, as a “sugar daddy”, gave an agreed-upon sum of money to a “sugar baby” in exchange for services, mostly of a sexual nature. 

“In a sense, I was lonely,” he said, reflecting on why he sought this sort of relationship. Dee Kosh explained that he was very busy with his job and that he had no time to date and he was “not the most attractive person”. 

According to him, in the queer community, his physical attributes were not desirable or appealing, making it harder for him to find a date. He also added that he was “deep in the closet” at that time and not open about his sexuality at all.

But the key point lies here—he thought it was not illegal to solicit relationships of this sort. Though admitting that some may find these matters morally grey, paying for sexual services was not an issue in the eyes of the law—even prostitution is legal in Singapore.


In the context of his case, Dee Kosh said that he had been paying for services from sugar babies for a “long time” before everything happened, and said that his conscience was clear in doing so.

“They were happy, I was happy,” he explained. 

He only found out later that it was against the law to sleep with 17-year-olds in this context—the age of consent in Singapore is 16, but the age for offering commercial sexual services is 18.

Though he had known that some of these boys were 17, he did not know that making a proposition at them was illegal.

The Rest of The Allegations

After providing context, he talked about the allegations against him. 

He first broke it down into the four types of people who made these accusations. According to him, these consisted of people he wanted to sleep with, people he had already slept with, people he wanted to sign as talents/ work with, and people he did not even know.


Talking about the last group of people, he expressed that the screenshots they posted were confusing and shocking, because he had never seen or talked to them in his life.

Because of the differences and conflicts between the parties involved, he found it difficult to address these allegations all at once in his initial statement, especially without providing context, which he was not ready to do.

The Police Reports

He was eventually arrested in October 2020. During his arrest, all devices he had that stored data, like his mobile phones, SD cards, and computer’s central processing unit (CPU), were seized by police. 

Eight police reports were made against him. Four reports were by 17-year-olds, who said he had asked them for sex when they were 17. One report was by the 15-year-old, who accused him of the same thing. 

The last report was a rape allegation.


According to him, he was afraid of the rape allegation, because rape was an incredibly serious offence and “hard to fight” in court. 

“It’s always he-say-she-say, in this case it’s he-say-he-say,” he said. 

Next, he talked about how truthful the reports were. 

In the case of the four 17-year-olds, he did not deny them, and said they were true. However, he once again said that he did not know at that time that what he did was illegal.

“I fully accept my wrongdoing,” he admitted.

Then, he got into the report made by the 15-year-old. According to him, he had met the boy on the gay dating app Grindr, commonly used to find sexual partners. Users must be 18 to access Grindr, so the boy had lied about his age to use the platform.

On the boy’s profile, he had put a money emoji next to his name, which usually meant that he was open to being paid for sexual services. After communicating with the boy on the app for a while, he revealed his identity, much to the boy’s disbelief. 

They then moved the conversation to Instagram, where he found out the boy was only fifteen after seeing pictures of him in school uniform on his Instagram feed.


Dee Kosh also said he had only talked to him about the proposition on Grindr and never on Instagram or Telegram, as far as he could remember.

 The Investigation

A gruelling investigation that lasted one year followed this.

The police found incriminating pornographic videos in his CPU where he had filmed himself and another man engaging in a sex act, without the latter’s consent.

The man in the video was 23.

He explained that he had a gut feeling that he should film their act that day, and it was not something he usually did. He also did not intend to use the video for future sexual gratification, and claimed that he forgot it even existed when the police found it.

He further said that in a sense, the video had even saved him, since the rape allegations were made by the man in the video, and the clip proved that he had not raped him since there was no penetration involved. 

As such, he was not charged with rape.

The charges involving the video were also completely separate from the rest of his charges.

His Charges

Dee Kosh then explained his seven charges—one charge under Section 8b of the Children and Young Persons Act, three charges under Penal Code 376b(2), and three charges for filming the sex act.

The first was related to his proposition at the 15-year-old, where he attempted to procure an obscene act from an underage person. He clarified that he had never met him or seen him in real life, however, and did not do anything with the boy.

The next three charges concerned procuring sex with the 17-year-olds, though he said that there was “no real sex” between him and them. 

The last three charges were for filming his sex act without the other party’s knowledge.

He explained that the media sensationalised the news, where headlines said that he exploited minors sexually, though he was never charged with that and it was instead the charge above his, which was only Section 8(b).

Where He Went Wrong

After this, he broke down the events further.

Providing context, he explained that there was always a group of people looking for sugar-baby relationships. He had, however, ventured out of this community, and that was his mistake.

When the boy had revealed that he was fifteen, Dee Kosh admitted that he should have cut off all contact. However, he still acted cordial toward him in fear that he would tell others about the proposition.

“I thought if I was friends with him, he would not go around telling people,” he said.

He added that he was “ignorant of the laws” too, and regretted what he did. He also said that he had not specifically looked for 17-year-olds and had only been searching for attractive men.

He also explained that in the eyes of the law, it did not matter if the proposition was made before finding out the boys were underage, and it was still illegal anyway.

The “Pedo Test”

Here, Dee Kosh explained he was not a paedophile—during the proceedings, he had undergone two “pedo tests” performed by psychiatrists, one of which was ordered by the prosecution.

Reading out the reports, he revealed that both psychiatrists concluded that he did not suffer from paedophilic disorder and that his chance of reoffending was very low.

He, however, felt quite sickened by these tests, saying that he was angry he even had to prove he was not a paedophile. He shared that he even needed to pay for the first test, since his lawyers had advised him to take it to use as supporting evidence for his case.

Pleading Guilty

After briefly explaining what pleading guilty entails in general, Dee Kosh said that he decided to plead guilty to his charges. 

An early guilty plea would mean a more lenient sentence, though it also meant he could not contest his charges or go to trial.

He could still go to a different court to contest his statement of facts, and the nature of his issued sentence.

“I think the exhaustion already set in during this time, and I was just ready to plead guilty,” he said. “I regretfully did what I did and I need to pay the price.”

He released a video about this in January of that year (2022), but it was taken down in just two days.

The Statement Of Facts

Although he admitted to his charges when pleading guilty, he took issue with the statement of facts, which is a “story” detailing the events that happened written by the prosecution and read out in court.

He said there were a “lot of issues” with the statement of facts, and parts of it were simply untrue, as far as he could recall. He said that he had never asked for anal sex because he “does not like it”, and had never driven to pick the boy up from school for sex.

However, he was financially drained and had no more will to fight, so he did not contest it.

One of the off-screen guests asked if he would contest it if he had money, to which he replied he definitely would. 

He recalled at that time, he had thought, “Just sent me to jail,” exhausted from the duration of the proceedings.

He was then convicted and sentenced to eight months’ jail.

How Does It Feel?

After his lengthy recount, one of the guests asked him how it felt to share his story.

“I wish there was more relief,” he expressed, saying he did not know how he was supposed to feel. 

Calling his own experience terrifying to the point of “causing trauma”, he talked about how he had once been surrounded by a group of men on the bus who threatened him, and the events had created an “everlasting stain” on his psyche.

He said that he was now fearful of being around children—he refused to take the lift with teenagers and avoided even his cousin’s children, in fear that they would view him as a paedophile. 

“It’s not that I’m attracted to kids, I just don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable,” he said.

Paid A Heavy Price

Dee Kosh also said that he paid the price more than anyone else would have to pay, referring to the public scrutiny he was subjected to.

He said that he would not wish the label of a paedophile even on his worst enemy.

“I feel like I’ve paid my penance to society,” he said, saying that the events would leave him with a lasting scar.

Final Thoughts

Closing the video, he apologised to his victims and wished them “the best in life”.

He also thanked his listeners for hearing him out. 

After that, he thanked the people who stood by him regardless, and regretted that he could not name them because the public would attack them if he did.

He broke down into tears while talking about his friends and family who stayed by his side, though many of them had left him. 

He also thanked his family through his tears, and said he was “proud of them” for supporting him staunchly throughout.

He said he was in a “tough position”, because he would be deemed unremorseful if he did not cry, but “playing the victim” if he did. 

Regardless, he ended the video by saying he would “continue running forward” to reach the “light at the end of the tunnel”.