Deliveroo Launches Fully Automated Self-Service Restaurant With Omakase Burger, Fried Chicken & More

Image: Deliveroo

The Sunglasses Guy is a man with sunglasses, and a real knack for predicting the future.

He first entered my life a few years back when I was on the toilet bowl, trying to squeeze one out. Having unceremoniously opened the door, he then stared at a blank-faced me and said this:

“In a few years’ time, Deliveroo will have launched a fully automatic dine-in restaurant with 11 different concepts. Believe it.”

After saying that, he vanished into thin air, and as I sat on the toilet bowl trying to process what just happened, I heard him say to my mum: “Sorry, Auntie, wrong house hahahahaha-ttebayo!

He wasn’t wrong

As it turns out, the Sunglasses Guy wasn’t wrong. Not one bit. On 12 March 2019, reputable food delivery company Deliveroo launched the Deliveroo Food Market, a dine-in space that proffers food from up to nine restaurants. And that really got me wondering.

Who on earth is the Sunglasses Guy, really-


Well, that’s a thought for another day, I guess.

The Deliveroo Food Market

Located at One-North’s business park, [email protected], The Food Market boasts a 40-seater space with 10 kitchens and is largely automated.

Image: Deliveroo

With no servers or staff to breathe down your necks, customers buy food via digital kiosks and pay using cashless payment.

Image: Deliveroo

Oh yeah, they sure look like those food replicators from Star Trek.

What’s next for MCU after Endgame? Is there really a Dark Avengers? Is X-Men really joining the MCU? Here's a video on what’s next for MCU after Endgame (SPOILERS):


If the purchase is successful, customers will then wait for a notification on a digital board, which will serve as a directive for them to collect their food at a designated cubby hole when it’s ready.

In other words, self-service of the future.

A multitude of food options

As mentioned above, the food market offers 11 food concepts, of which there’s a wide range of cuisines such as Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Greek and Western.

Omakase Burger, for example, is one available option on the menu.

Image: Deliveroo

Japanese restaurant The Flying Squirrel is another one.

For the health-conscious, you’ll be glad to know that The Chop Shop has got your back, with grain bowls up on the menu.

Image: Deliveroo

South Korean fried chicken restaurant Bonchon will be part of the ‘revolution’ as well.

And to round it off, Vios and Lucky Souvlaki by Blu Kouzina, Ezo Hokkaido Eats, NamNam, Rasa Rasa and Delismith will be forming the remaining concepts of the Food Market.


Now, it’s no secret that Food Markets are generally quantitative in nature. But the question remains;

Is Deliveroo’s Food Market affordable as well?

For the penny-conscious, you’ll probably be glad to know that average prices at Deliveroo’s Food Market hover around S$10 to S$12. Local dishes, for one, come slightly cheaper at S$8, while other mains could cost up to S$20 or even higher.

But well, I guess the saying “there’s a price for everything” does ring true.

And so… what’re you waiting for?

If you’re sick and tired of walking into a restaurant only to realise you should’ve gone to another, worry no more. While I can’t be sure of everything like the Sunglasses Guy, I’m sure of one thing:

Deliveroo’s Food Market will surely be the apt solution to all your indecisive needs.

29 Media Circle #01-02/03, Singapore 138565

Opening Hours:
Daily, 11am – 2:30pm, 4:30pm – 9:30pm

And with that said, I shall see you there. 😉

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