Delivery Rider Urges S’poreans to be Patient During Fasting Month

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Singaporeans are known to be very impatient people.

I mean, I’m one myself too. But that’s beside the point.

Ever since technology has been evolving, we’ve had the pleasure of simply ordering in food instead of having to go down to physical stores to buy it.

So not only are we impatient, but we’re lazy too. (Not everyone is, don’t get me wrong.)

Many times, we complain about not receiving our food on time, or the food is extremely late.

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But during the fasting month, we should all be more understanding of food delivery riders.

Be More Understanding

On the Singapore Reddit community, a delivery rider posted this.

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As you can see, it’s a long rant.

But I’ll try to shorten it for you.

Many good points were brought up in the post.

Basically, if you order food from 6-7 pm, you have to understand that Muslims need to break their fast. And a large number of delivery riders are Muslims.

And honestly, what are you expecting when you order food that late anyway? There will always be a surge of orders at that timing since it’s peak hour and everyone wants their dinner.

In fact, some riders don’t have time to break their fast because there are so many orders needed to be delivered. And why? Because Singaporeans are impatient and want their food on time or earlier than the estimated delivery time.

We’ve often waited for tomorrow for a meal with our family. But what if tomorrow never comes? Watch this and you'll understand:

Again, guilty as charged.

New Scheme for Riders

According to the rider who made the post, he’s been a rider for four years with many different companies.

In the post, he mentions that food delivery companies are adopting a new scheme where the rider’s salary is based on the number of successful deliveries they make within a shift.

He also urges Singaporeans not to have the mindset that their driver is taking their own sweet time to deliver their order, just because they’re late.

And I think we often forget that these places we order from are actual shops, with actual customers in the physical shops that they have to serve.

A Special Tip

The Reddit user also advised people to place their orders by 6:15 pm. Whether you’re a Muslim or not, this applies to everyone.

For Muslims, they should order at 6:15 pm so that they can have their food in time to break their fast.

As for non-Muslims, order by 6:15 pm anyway. Or you might just wait until 9 pm for your food.

Fair point.

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Can’t Wait? Might Want To Try Picking It Up

He also brought up the fact that food delivery apps like Foodpanda, Pizza Hut and Dominoes that has an option on the app where users can select between delivery or pick-up from a nearby outlet.

Although it might be a little of a hassle to visit a store to pick up your food, it’s better than relying on a driver to do it.

He ended the post with, “At the end of the day we are just out here making money for ourselves and some for their families so we hope Singaporeans can make our lives just a bit easier and we will be eternally grateful for it.”

So for your next food delivery, remember to be more understanding if there are any delays in your food.