Descendants Of The Sun won big in Korea awards, but suffered a shocking loss too

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Descendants of the Sun glorious 16 episodes ended a while ago and while the cast has not been acting, they have been under the spotlight on another stage.

The show recently scored a total of  14 nominations from various awards and took away 5 awards including the highest, most outstanding grand prize during South Korea’s 52nd Baeksang Arts Awards ceremony.

However, one shocking result shook the fans of an amazing actor, who is  none other than the cutie Song Joong Ki.

With all fans of Song Joong Ki agreeing that he’s handsome, talented and definitely has skills in acting, everyone was rooting for him to score the Best Actor award.

He was nominated for Best Actor for his character as a special forces captain in the show but lost the award to Yoo Ah In, who acted as a prince in the Six Flying Dragons drama.

According to the Straits Times, however, the charming Song Joong Ki took home 2 awards including Most Popular Actor and iQiyi Global Star Award alongside his beautiful co-star Song Hye Kyo who won Most Popular Actress and iQiyi Global Star Award as well. Yay to the most romantic couple of the year!

The pair graced the red carpet while hooking arms, leading all fans of the famous Song-Song couple to sigh in admiration with heart shaped eyes.

Although unconfirmed just yet, Jung Sung Ho, president of the KBS’s drama department has announced that there might be a second season for Descendants of the Sun in 2017.

Descendants of the Sun may have ended but it has gathered fans all over the world with its immense popularity and romance drama. Don’t worry Song Joong Ki, you may not have gotten the Best Actor Award but you definitely scored thousands of hearts.

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