Destroying & Stealing Ofo Bikes Not Enough, Now Someone Selling Them On Carousell For $2K

As though stealing wasn’t enough, this carouseller decided to go one step further to sell ofo bicycles. If you don’t already know, ofo bicycles are part of the latest bicycle-sharing initiative in Singapore where netizens can rent these bicycles at a really low cost of S$0.50 per use. 

As described in its Facebook page, Ofo Singapore aims to promote convenient sharing-bike service for all. With an ofo app, you can access to ofo sharing-bikes at anytime and anywhere you want to in Singapore. And since these bicycles do not have a GPS system installed, many Singaporeans have also started to abuse their bike-sharing rights.

Recently, there has been an influx of these bicycles being stolen and many have been seen parked along the corridors of various HDB units. There has also been reports of these bicycles being trashed.

However, this netizen took things one step further by selling his stolen ofo bicycle on Carousell.

Not only is he/she selling it on Carousell, he/she is selling it at a whopping price of S$2,000.

Yup, seriously, what a ding dong.  

Oh, and by the way, the description even said that it comes with a FREE bell. 

Even though netizens have been speculating that this is a joke, it does send a message across. Heck, it might even inspire netizens to open some kind of black market to sell these ofo bicyles because without GPS, who knows what will happen to these bicycles, right?

Solutions should definitely be set in place before matters REALLY get out of hand.

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