Differences Between TV Drama Doctors & Real Doctors in S’pore

What comes to your mind when you think of doctors?

I won’t be surprised if it’s this.

Image: MyPro / Shutterstock.com

But do you know that in reality, doctors in Singapore do not wear this white coat, which is also known as lab coats? Just visit any hospital (or even your family GP) and you’ll get the idea.

TV and movies use artistic licences to “change reality” so that the show will hook viewers. After all, people’s attention spans are getting shorter, so without some drama-mama, people would switch channels (or, in 2018, switch shows) immediately.

Here’s a video we’ve done in collaboration with Parkway East Hospital that’ll show you the key differences between TV drama doctors and real doctors in Singapore (we add a bit of a drama in the beginning to hook you, too):

Now you’re smarter, aren’t you?

Just for your info, this is the iconic scene we took inspiration from.

Song Joongki is so much cuter than this…this Chan Zhi Hao.

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