The horoscope you are born under reveals how you take selfies: is this true for you?


Last Updated on 2016-05-20 , 10:42 am

We always hear about how different horoscopes own different personalities and behaviours. And this personality traits determine how we take selfies. Don’t believe us? Read and see if it’s as accurate for you as it is for us!

So here’s a quick question: is your horoscope a narcissist? How do you usually take your selfie?

Known as the self-centered perfectionist, they will do whatever it takes to ensure they show the best side of them to others. They know their best angle for a selfie because they’ve practiced at home for a million times. Failure is the key to success.

Taurus loves the idea of luxury. They’ll make sure they’re regularly updating their friends with their sophisticated and elegant sides. You won’t be able to find any un-glam faces in their selfies. Taurus also love to follow the trends, so they’ll do the duck face selfie if the duck face trend comes on again.

Geminis conceal their life even if they’re feeling bad, and they tend to hide their down-moments and only show others their cheerful side. Expect all their selfies to be good and cheery, Geminis won’t express their real feelings behind that all-smiles-photo.

Cancers have fluctuating emotions and they’re the perfect definition of split personality. They’ll take happy selfies and next moment, they may recall something bad which happened and the next selfie will turn out disastrous.

Leos are another bunch of self-centered people and they will do whatever it takes to keep their image perfect. Leos are always posting selfies with their friends because they’re always having a good time with people. They’ll show you that they’re enjoying themselves in their selfies. Oh, and they’ll always stand in the front. Doesn’t have to be the center, but they want to be at the front.

Virgos are such perfectionists that they will take 100 selfies just for one perfect photo. They will spend a lot of time and effort in preparation for the selfie of the day.

Libras need the constant support of their partners and all their selfies will probably include their boyfriend or girlfriend. You’ll find all their photos comprising of sweet couple photos, or if they’re single their selfies all probably come with sad and longing quotes.

Scorpios are competitive and emotional people and you’ll find them competing with their friends for ‘the best-posed selfie’ or ‘the best-dressed’ in their photos. If their friends have all been to that hipster café, they’ll be there too in a minute with a selfie in the café.

This sign loves humor and cannot live without it. You’ll spot them with funny selfies along with humorous captions. They don’t hide themselves and the things that they post will reflect their talent as an entertainer. You’ll catch them acting like a clown in the selfie they took with a bunch of people.

Capricorns care a lot about their image and are obsessed with how they appear to others. They’ll do everything to gain the likes on their posts so expect them to jump into any selfie bandwagon there is.

Aquarius doesn’t care about others’ opinions and they’ll post whatever the hell they like. They are unpredictable people so don’t expect to see the same type of selfies through their feed.

Pisces love to be sociable, and you will know what they’ll be doing at any time of the day. They’ll be updating with their selfies whenever they go, coupled by long inspirational captions in hopes to inspire people.

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