Din Tai Fung Australia Has Giant Rainbow XLB & We Wish It’ll Be Brought To S’pore

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Remember the rainbow food craze, whereby even roti pratas jumped on the bandwagon?

Image: Discover SG

Seems like the trend has yet to die down.

But combining Xiao Long Bao (XLBs) and rainbows?

You can’t go wrong.

Limited Time Only

Image: Din Tai Fung Australia

If you happen to be in Sydney or Melbourne now, be sure to visit a Din Tai Fung outlet near you. From now until 15 June, Din Tai Fung Australia will be selling giant, rainbow XLBs for AUD$9.80.

That’s about SGD$9.31, which costs a little more than 6 pieces of regular sized XLBs in Din Tai Fung Singapore.

According to Din Tai Fung Australia, one giant XLB is equivalent to 7 regular sized XLBs.

But seriously, it’s worth every cent.

Vivid Sydney

Image: Din Tai Fung Australia

The different bright and vibrant colours of this giant XLB are inspired by Vivid Sydney. No, it’s not a person.

It’s a three-week long event that brings together light artists, music makers and brilliant minds to share their creativity with the audience. In fact, it is Australia’s most loved and awarded festival.

Elevated XLB

Each XLB is hand-made and steamed fresh to order, like any ordinary XLB basket you can order at Din Tai Fung.

The dumpling is also filled with seafood and pork, and has Din Tai Fung’s signature XLB broth in it.

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Image: Din Tai Fung Australia

To ensure that you can enjoy the broth to the fullest, they even provide straws for customers to sip the broth with.

How It’s Made

Want to know how it’s made? Here’s a cool video Din Tai Fung Australia posted.

They even posted instructions on how to fold and assemble the whole XLB. So if you’re feeling adventurous, you can maybe try this.

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But try to make a normal XLB first before you venture into this, though.

Coming to Singapore?

Of course, we were thinking of bringing a knife over to DTF HQ and forcing them to come out with this too, but I guess the more logical way would be to share this with them…repeatedly.


For your info, we once wrote about salted egg KFC chicken in Malaysia, and soon after, they KFC came out with the salted egg chicken in Singapore and even contacted our writer.