Man Spent $37 on a Durian That Has Absolutely Nothing Inside

A man may have paid a premium price of RM117 (S$37) for premium quality durian from the brand Blackthorn, but he was only left with disappointment because there was neither a single shred of flesh nor seed to be found.

This hilarious but (kind of) sad durian opening was captured masterfully and shared on Facebook on 3 July by Han Kok Yan.

The first item attached to the post was an image of the durian on a weighing scale, showing that it was 1.81kg.

Image: (Han Kok Yan)

Seems pretty hefty.

In any case, he buys the durian for RM117, which is roughly what you would expect, since Blackthorn durians retail at RM100 to RM120 per kilogram in the current climate.

Layers of Disappointment

Let it be known that the buyer has skills of a pro when it comes to opening durians, but sadly the contents do not live up to the hype at all.

Because it was completely empty.

It is frankly amazing; I never knew that such a thing could happen.

Like, there aren’t even any seeds, which seems counterintuitive to the entire “all living beings must reproduce” clause.

Then, with what can only be assumed as sarcasm, the durian opener gives the camera a thumbs up and say “Good”.

Bro, there’s nothing good about not having any durian to eat.

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The Netizens’ Hilarious Comments

Whenever something funny like this happens, it really gets the commenters going because there was no shortage of additional hilarity.

Several Facebook users compared his durian reveal to opening mystery boxes, because suddenly it seems like you’ll never know what you’ll get out of the prickly fruit.

Naturally there are the sensible ones who pointed out that the original poster should have asked the seller to cut open the durian first to check its quality/content before he bought it, or just go for the de-husked option.


The shell is awfully heavy though. Really thick-skinned.

One commenter joked that this was a new kind of durian where you’re supposed to eat the skin instead.

Another netizen decided to make a word pun, saying, “This must have really been a thorn to your heart. It’s black-heart, and you were pierced. So that’s why it’s called Blackthorn.”


But the true pièce de résistance is the person who decided to link a video of a pork ribs soup recipe that involves using the durian rind, so not all of the original poster’s money would be wasted at least.


You have to give props to the internet for their creativity.

Does pork ribs soup with durian rind taste good though? 

Well, that’s a question that will remain unanswered, just like how no one can explain why the durian is empty.


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Featured Images: Facebook (Han Kok Yan)