Images of People Disinfecting Mustafa Centre Is Like a Scene from a Movie

When Contagion came out in 2011, people were fascinated and horrified by how devastating a pandemic could be, and what extreme measures need to be taken in such a crisis.

Image: New York Post

But then we carried on with life as usual, despite warnings from the film, and a TED talk by Bill Gates.

How could we ignore the warnings of a man who created Microsoft?

As a result, we’re now all starring in a horror movie we didn’t sign up for, and while Contagion may have freaked you out for an hour or so, nothing is as scary as a real-life pandemic.

A New Cluster

As you probably know, we’ve been observing a surge in locally-transmitted Covid-19 infections lately, with many new coronavirus clusters popping up.

Mustafa Centre is one of those clusters, with 14 confirmed cases linked to the megamall.

Consequently, the mall’s management said on Saturday (4 Apr) that the mall will be closed for at least two weeks.

In the meantime, the building will be professionally disinfected, the mall’s managing director Mustaq Ahmad told CNA.

Yes, the entire building.

Images of People Disinfecting Mustafa Centre Is Like a Scene from a Movie

One Facebook user posted photos of this disinfection process, and it looks like something out of a pandemic movie.

Image: Facebook (Alvin Raj)

Is Singapore filming a horror-thriller about a disease outbreak? Isn’t this kind of a bad time?

Image: Facebook (Alvin Raj)

One has to ask though: how the heck do you disinfect such a huge mall? If you’ve ever been to Mustafa Centre, you’d know that there are several floors with aisles that never seem to end.

Disinfecting this mammoth mall is no easy task. That’s why so many workers were required:

Image: Facebook (Alvin Raj)

But hey, at least you look really cool doing it. If you told people that this next picture was out of a movie, most would probably believe it (unless they’ve been to Mustafa centre, of course)

Image: Facebook (Alvin Raj)

Yes, first we saw empty eateries, malls, and roads, and now this. It really does feel like we’re living in a post-apocalyptic movie.

Except, unlike the ones you watch on Netflix, this one never seems to end.

The Situation in Singapore 

If the country doesn’t look like a post-apocalyptic movie to you yet, it might soon due to the new measures implemented by the Singapore government.

PM Lee announced on 3 April that all non-essential workplaces and schools will be closed, advised people to stay indoors as much as possible.

If you need to go out, it should only be for essential trips like buying food or groceries. You also can’t eat-in at eateries, you’ll have to dabao everything.

Yes, it’ll be tough for a while, but if we follow all these measures like the government is imploring us to, maybe our real-life pandemic movie will have a happy ending.


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