Doctor Gets Married in 10-min Wedding Ceremony As He Needs to Rush Back to Fight Wuhan Virus

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It’s no surprise that doctors and other medical practitioners are at the forefront of the fight against the Wuhan virus.

But we only see the veneer and not what goes on underneath it all. Just think about hours of gruelling hard work, coupled with the fear of the unknown, tons of risk and responsibility.

But some medical practitioners are taking it a step further by letting it bleed into their personal lives.

This doctor is a good example of that:

Doctor Gets Married in 10-min Wedding Ceremony As He Needs to Rush Back to Fight Wuhan Virus

Most Chinese weddings usually last hours and take up most if not the entire day, including morning and night ceremonies.

However, one wedding in Heze, China made it to the news after it took only 10 brief minutes for the couple to be wed.


10 minutes? I can’t even take a bath within 10 minutes, much less become someone’s legal wife.

According to World Of Buzz, the wedding took place in Heze, Shandong bright and early on 30 January.

Instead of a ballroom filled to the brim with guests, there were only five people who attended the wedding, inclusive of the newlyweds.

The groom is currently working as a doctor. The ‘visitors’ present were the groom’s parents and the wedding solemniser.

The newlyweds explained that the groom had to rush back to his work as a doctor right after the wedding ended.

It was so rushed that he didn’t even have time to have a meal with his newly wedded wife.

Image: WSJ

After the wedding took place and lasted for 10 minutes, the doctor rushed back to Jinan to help with treating patients in the fight against the Wuhan virus.

Image: Giphy


They Had Initially Wanted To Postpone The Wedding

Image: China Times

At first, their plan was to postpone the wedding which was initially scheduled for 31 January, due to the current Novel Coronavirus situation.

However, both of their parents advised against delaying the wedding. Hence, the couple were forced to settle for a quick ceremony.

They also decided that it would be better if they didn’t invite their family and friends for fear of infecting each other with the coronavirus.

The bride was a great sport and reportedly didn’t mind that the sacrifice had to be made.

She even said that the most important thing was that her husband returns to work not having to worry about the wedding.

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