28-YO Doctor Accused of Taking Over 480 Upskirt Videos With a GoPro Camera on His Shoe

Last Updated on 2020-12-05 , 12:50 pm

You’ve read countless stories about people being charged for taking upskirt videos, but this is one level about them all.

Chu Ben Wee, a 28-year old who works as a doctor, was accused of insulting the modesty of more than 400 women in Singapore. On Thursday (3 December), the accused appeared in the district court via a video link.

In April last year, he had allegedly installed a GoPro camera onto his shoe to record upskirt videos of 184 women.

Three months later, he targeted 300 women using a similar method.

The court documents did not reveal how he was caught, though you’ve got to admit that it’s not easy not to be caught when you’ve a camera on your shoe.

Currently, he faces 17 charges in total. Most of them are for similar offences. He was also expected to plead guilty but the case has been adjourned.

If you’re seething while reading this, continue to let your blood boil, because his name is still on the list of registered healthcare professionals in Singapore.

Not the First of 2020

Unfortunately, this is not the first case of a doctor committing such an offence in 2020.

In April this year, Jerry Christian Nagaputra was sentenced to a one-year mandatory treatment order for pleading guilty to filming men in urinals. The incident took place on two separate occasions at Bugis Junction and Ngee Ann City in 2019.

The ex-doctor worked in the anatomical pathology department at the Singapore General Hospital (SGH). He had been offered the sentence after it was revealed that he had been suffering from an adjustment disorder.

He stayed in the men’s bathroom at Bugis Junction for 3 hours, and filmed men using the urinal 22 times. He was eventually caught when a man had noticed Nagaputra rushing to use the urinal next to his while pointing his camera towards him.

Sensing that something was amiss, the victim waited outside to confront Nagaputra. When he did not leave the toilet, he decided to go in. Nagaputra took this chance to escape, but was caught by the victim at the traffic junction.

When the victim had finally confronted Nagaputra, he claimed that his phone only had photos of food and showed it to him. Fortunately, the victim was sharp to notice a photo of a urinal. He then requested to check the photos himself.

Upon scrolling through Nagaputra’s camera roll, he found explicit videos and called the police while Nagaputra had attempted to escape and delete the videos.


Depending on the offences, each offender faces a different charge.

For Nagaputra, he had originally faced 23 charges under the Films Act.

Meanwhile, Chu could face up to a year in jail and a fine for each count of his offence.

Featured Image: EazeuS / Shutterstock.com