Dog Caught on Video Carrying Woman’s Bag; Netizens Have Different Views About the Footage


Tip for the future boyfriend, if you make me angry, the fastest way to pacify me is to show me cute animals.

Here, let me show you one of my favourite pup gifs of all time.

Image: Giphy

Yes! It’s a dog, carrying a dog in a bag! How cute!

Okay, let me get to the point of the article now. I just wanted to show the world the cute gif (and drop that hot tip).

Dog Carrying Owner’s Handbag Goes Viral.

A facebook video of a black rottweiler holding its owner’s handbag in its mouth went viral recently. The footage was captured in Bukit Bintang, the shopping and entertainment district of Kuala Lumpur.

See for yourself.

The video clip begins with the unleashed dog walking down the stairs while holding a beige handbag by its handles with its mouth.

Image: Facebook (Nahur Bhai)

It follows a woman, presumably its owner, from a distance.

Image: Facebook (Nahur Bhai)

Look at the cute little puppy just trailing after the lady.

Since its upload on Tuesday, the video has gone viral with close to 100k views.

Cute or not?

First off, doggos are just adorable in general.

Here is another rottweiler with something in its mouth. What a good pup.


However, the viral video, as cute as the dog is, didn’t only receive compliments. There were many criticisms as well.

There were many praising the dog’s loyalty and obedience, and some others commented that no thief would snatch a handbag from a pup.

On the flipside, there were many who were concerned that the dog was without a leash. The lady was also walking quite far ahead of the dog. It almost looked like erm…


Remember that?

While an unleashed dog may not be an indicator of neglect, and it may just be that the dog is a very independent and good pup, though the lady’s lack of attention does seem weird.

Comments included criticism towards the owner from allowing the dog to carry her handbag when she could do it herself.

Netizens also agreed that the owner was risking the dog’s life.

Of course, there might be reasons that lead to the video that we saw. It is impossible to get the full story from a 24-second clip.


We may draw our own conclusions and have our own learning points, but we should also bear in mind that there is usually more than meets the eye.

Meanwhile, have another pup gif.

Image: Giphy