Dog Chained To Pipes At Back Alley For Over 10 Years in S’pore Looking For Home for His Final Days

Image: Facebook (@ChainedDogAwarenessSingapore)

If we were to ask you to stay home for a week, without leaving your bedroom, you’ll probably go


Now imagine if you were to be locked in your bedroom for ten years.


That was what happened to this Rottweiler, Louis, hailing from Singapore.

Dog Chained Up For Ten Years In Back Alley

Image: Facebook (@ChainedDogAwarenessSingapore)

According to a post by Facebook Page Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore, the Rottweiler, Louis, has been chained up for 10 years in a back alley in Singapore.

He was bought by the owner to be a guard dog.

His owner finally surrendered him to the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) but it was too late for him.

Underfed & In Poor Condition

Image: Facebook (@ChainedDogAwarenessSingapore)

When Louis was rescued from his captivity, he was in bad condition.

He was underfed, has lumps and yeast infection all over his body.

Image: Facebook (@ChainedDogAwarenessSingapore)
Image: Facebook (@ChainedDogAwarenessSingapore)

And a serious ear infection.

He also suffers from separation anxiety and barked non-stop.

Kind Fosterers Unable To Cope With Demand From Louis

Two kind fosterers came forward and extended their helping hands when they heard of Louis’s plight.

However, they couldn’t cope with him.

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He demanded for long walks which the fosterers were too busy to provide him with.

Image: Facebook (@ChainedDogAwarenessSingapore)

Recently, he suffered a mild stroke. And while he’s back on his feet, he no longer barks as much as before.

And it seems as though Louis is now in his final days.

Feeling that Louis deserved more than his current situation for his golden days, the fosterers decided to approach CDAS for help.

A Bucket List For His Golden Days

CDAS has come up with a list of activities that they hope Louis’s new owner will help to fulfil before he can no longer do so.

Here’s what they’ve come up for him:

  • A home to call his own
  • Soft bed
  • A birthday party
  • Visit a doggie cafe
  • Massage
  • A day at the beach

Would You Want To Adopt Louis?

Do you have the means to help this poor dog gain some closure for the remaining days of his life?

Even if you’re not able to fully provide for Louis, every little bit helps (as Giving SG always said).

Be it a soft bed, soft hands or the ability to bring Louis to the beach, everything is appreciated.

They’re more than open to anyone who wants to find out more about Louis to PM them via their Facebook page.

It was also mentioned that Bark Craft SG has kindly sponsored Louis’s meals for him.

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