Don’t Say Bojio: Domino’s 9.9 Promo Gives You Regular-Size Pizza From Just $9.90 With Sides From $3.90

9 September is upon us, and you know what that means;

Tons and tons of mega-worthy deals, all in time for the very special Cyber Week!

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And indeed, as I struggle to write this article amid the dark duress of an urgent morning deadline, one single topic has floated to the top with all the prowess of in-form David Blaine:

Domino’s own pizza deals, including 60% off regular pizzas and add-on sides from $3.90!

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Don’t Say Bojio: Domino’s 9.9 Promo Gives You Regular-Size Pizza From Just $9.90 With Sides From $3.90

It appears that Domino’s has arrived just in time for the 9.9 shopping season.

According to the pizza chain, the franchise is offering a range of irresistible Delish Deals. From 8 September 2020, pizza lovers can enjoy 60% off regular pizzas at just $9.90 each, as well as add-on sides from $3.90.

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And lest you’re wondering, you’re free to pick from a whole list of taste-proven flavours, including the ever-sumptuous Classified Chicken.


Though of course, you are still given free rein to upgrade to the more ‘atas’ flavours, albeit at an additional surcharge.

However, considering the base price of the pizza…we reckon that it’s still well worth it.

And let’s not forget the very affordable sides available on offer here, with the fan-favourite Cheesy Mozzarella Stix going for just $3.90.


Now I don’t know about you;

But these deals practically scream ‘Eat me up!’ in more aspects than one.

Meanwhile, you can also ease your delivery order process by selecting these deals add-ons at a flat $6.90 on top of your $9.90 regular pizza:

  • Golden Roasted Drummets/Crazy Chicken Crunchies (Tom Yam or Original), use code
  • Breadstix/Cinnastix/Garlic Twisty Bread + 2 cans of soft drink, use code ‘CYBERBRD’
  • 9” Banana Kaya, use code ‘CYBERBK’

Also, there’s the ultimate 9.9 deal for pizza lovers:

  • $99 for 6 large pizzas + 1 Awesome Foursome, use code ‘CYBER99’

Bonus: Get limited-time add-on deals from just $3.90 valid with every 2For22/33/44. Use code ‘WDD’, redeemable online only:

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  • $3.90 Cheesy Mozzarella Stix
  • $9.90 Tasty Twosome Lava
  • $12.90 Awesome Foursome

For the record, these Delish Deals are available till 12 October 2020 via Zero Contact delivery and takeaway services at Dine-in services are only available at selected restaurants.

To date, there are 35 Domino’s Pizza stores in the country.

Customers can log on to its website at to place their orders.

Up-to-date information on offers and promotions is also available on Domino’s Facebook page at

Customers can also track the progress of their pizzas live using Domino’s Great Pizza Service (GPS) tracker from the moment their order is placed until it reaches their door.

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And So… What’re You Waiting For?

Though the deals will be available from 8th September to 12 October 2020, you know what they say;

The early bird catches the worm. Or in this case, the pizza.


So get going with Domino’s various forms of retail services already, because in the end…

Regular pizzas really do not come as cheap as $9.90 all the time.

And with that said…

Don’t say bojio ah!

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