Don Don Donki Clark Quay Has Teppanyaki, Liquor Bar & A Standalone Skincare Section


Don Don Donki is known for two things: cheap (relative to other Japanese products) and interesting stuff.

And recently, they’ve just opened up their sixth outlet in Singapore at Clark Quay.

And like its other massive outlets, this outlet takes up most of the mall’s Basement 1 level.

Huge AF

You know, if someone had told me two years ago that I’ll be spending hours at a Japanese discount store, I’ll laugh in their face.

But little did I know, I could’ve told them to give me some winning 4D numbers.

Because it was true.

Other than the usual frozen meat section

The sushi section


Or a cooked food section for when you’re feeling peckish

Can anyone say, Sweet Po-tat-tooo~

You can while your hours away chilling at the bar and sipping some good Japanese Sake

Or having some good ole Teppanyaki with your friends

The best part? Don Don Donki is known to be a discount store. Chances are the prices here will be cheaper than your typical Teppanyaki restaurants.

And it’s not just about eating.


Boyfriends, time to help your favourite girl get her soft toy, eh?

A Whole Independent Skincare Section

Ladies, this is for you.

I mean, an entire section of the store dedicated to skincare?

Image: Rebloggy

Can cows go moo? 



Again, I re-emphasise the cheap factor.

Huge Ass Liquor Collection

Don Don Donki’s very considerate.

Because not only do they have a huge ass whisky and liquor collection for you to choose from


They also sell stuff that takes care of the aftermath.

Plus, Peach Smoothie

If you’ve heard of legendary Japanese fruits and you cannot afford the air tickets to fly over, now’s your chance to do so without using your passport.

You can now try Peach Smoothie (made from 100& Japanese peaches) that are sold only at the Don Don Donki outlet at Clark Quay.

Better fast-hand-fast-leg because the quantity sold is limited.

So What Are You Waiting For?

The long weekend is coming up, so if you don’t have any plans, or don’t know where to go, this might just be the place for you.

After all, it’s not just huge and cheap.


It’s interesting too.


  • Address: 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, The Central, Singapore 059817
  • Opening Hours: 24 Hours

**All images courtesy of @dsocky unless otherwise stated.