S’pore Blood Bank Urgently Looking For Donors, Running Out Of Every Blood Type’s Stock


Have you always dreamt that one day, you would be a hero and you would be able to save someone’s life? Well, if you have, this is a good chance for you to do so. The Singapore Red Cross announced just yesterday, 14 February, that it is running out of every blood type’s stock. And you can make a difference by donating your blood.

Image: Singapore Red Cross

In case you don’t really understand the chart, here’s what it means.

The blood types A+, B+, O+, and AB+ are currently in critical levels, which means that the Singapore Red Cross is in need of donors urgently. It is also encouraged that you donate today.

The blood types A-, B-, O-, and AB- are in low levels, which means that it would be best if donors could donate within the coming week.

The Health Sciences Authority (HSA), which manages Singapore’s blood banks, confirmed in a statement with TODAYonline that their “blood stocks” are “trending downwards”.

But I’m Scared That I’ll Be Infected With COVID-19

If this is your main concern, rest assured because the chances of you contracting COVID-19 while donating your blood is pretty low.

The Singapore Red Cross has put up a notice on their website that they will be enforcing stringent screening of donors before they are even allowed into the blood banks. This means that those who are ill, on a leave of absence, or have travelled to China in the last two weeks will be denied entry.

Image: Singapore Red Cross

How Does The Blood Donation Work?

If you’re going down to donate blood right after seeing this article, good on you! Here are some things you should take note of before heading down.

Before the Donation:

Make sure that you have a good night’s rest the day before you decide to donate, and on the day itself, ensure that you eat a light meal and drink lots of water.


You should bring an official photo identity document with your local residential address written on it. It can be your passport, IC, driver’s license, donor card, etc.

If you’re 16 or 17 years old, you need to bring a signed parental consent form.

The Donation Process Itself:

It is pretty simple. You just have to follow these six steps and you’ll be done in approximately 45 minutes.

  1. Form filling (5 minutes)
  2. Registration (5 minutes)
  3. Haemoglobin check (5 minutes)
  4. Medical screening (10 to 15 minutes)
  5. Blood donation (10 to 15 minutes)
  6. Rest and refreshment (15 minutes)

After the Donation:


Make sure you have an iron-rich diet at least for the next few days so that you can replenish the iron stocks in your body. You should also continue to drink lots of water.

You can proceed with your day-to-day activities, though it is encouraged that you leave any strenuous or athletic activity to the following day.

Where Can I Donate?

There are four blood banks in Singapore that you can donate your blood at. Alternatively, you can also head to a community blood donation drive if it’s near you.

You can choose to either do a direct walk-in to any of the blood banks or open community drives, or book an appointment through SingPass to avoid waiting too long.

The four blood bank locations are as follows:

  • Bloodbank@HSA
    • Health Sciences Authority, 11 Outram Road, Singapore 169078
  • Bloodbank@Dhoby Ghaut
    • Dhoby Xchange (Near Exit B), #B1-05 to 10, 11 Orchard Road, Singapore 238826
  • Bloodbank@Woodlands
    • Woodlands Civic Centre, #05-07, 900 South Woodlands Drive, Singapore 730900
  • Bloodbank@Westgate Tower
    • Westgate Tower, #10-01 to 05, 1 Gateway Drive, Singapore 608531

Remember, your actions can make a difference.

Give blood, save lives.