Donnie Yen Shows Off Kungfu Moves In Personal Instagram & It’s Satisfying To Watch

Image: Instagram (@donnieyenofficial)

I always think that superheroes do not exist.

Or superhumans, to be honest.

Until I saw kungfu stars for the first time. People like Jackie Chan, Hong Jin Bao, or more recently, Donnie Yen.

Who could forget the one single line that boosted Donnie Yen into international stardom?


Image: Giphy


Well, get ready to see him in an even more epic light because, well, nothing’s more badass than an action star showing off his moves without CG, lines or otherwise.

Donnie Yen Shows Off Kungfu Moves In BTS Footage

On 23 June 2019, Donnie Yen (@donnieyenofficial) uploaded training footage onto his Instagram account.

Within 3 days, it garnered over 312k views.

And after viewing the video, we can understand why.

Highlights Of The Video

A heavy bag is heavy. Donnie Yen’s kicks are, apparently, heavier.

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Hands swift as a tiger.

And not everyone can do three kicks in mid-air.

Some of us can’t even do a single one (hint: fatboy89).

The video was uploaded with an encouraging post: to never stop until you die.

You can view the full video below.

Ip Man 4

Back on 19 March, Donnie Yen revealed the trailer for Ip Man 4, and it looked really intense.

People were wondering if the training montage was done in a bid to spike the excitement for his upcoming movie.

Which, if you didn’t know yet, is coming out in July 2019.

In the movie, Ip Man follows his student, Bruce Lee, to the United States where Lee had offended local martial artists by opening a Wing Chun school in the area.

But Ip Man facing off against Americans isn’t the highlight.

According to rumours, Donnie Yen will face off against Jackie Chan in a scene where Jackie Chan plays the “big brother” role in Chinatown.

Can’t wait.