Don’t Say Bo Jio: TK TrichoKare Customised Hair Treatment for only $39 with FREE Home Care Kit (Worth $155)

Last Updated on 2016-09-19 , 3:37 pm

Hair treatment, who needs them, right?

I mean, it’s usually for those who has a bald spot on their head or realised that they have an uncontrollable dandruff problem. Or is it?

We challenged two of our writers to go to TrichoKare, an award-winning European hair treatment Centre and get their hair checked out.

Here they are.


And oh boy, were they shocked.

Because of their glorious hair that many have praised (not that many, actually), turned out to be this.


Yup, we had to blur it because it really isn’t meant to be seen.

Customised Hair Treatment

The consultant will start with understanding our lifestyle and diet, followed by a Tricho-Scan Scalp Analysis using lenses that could magnify the scalp up to 200 times. This will provide a detailed analysis of the hair and scalp before customising the treatment to fit the condition.

Hair Mask

You’re surprised. There’s a mask for hair?! Yes, there is.

Depending on the evaluation of your scalp, the staff will apply a different mask to tackle your immediate issue.

For that guy who has extremely clogged up hair follicles, they decided to go with a rebalancing hair mask to try and thin the layer of filth on his scalp.

Our other writer has a greasy scalp and was given the deep cleanser hair mask to cleanse and balance the sebum.


After the 15-minute hair mask, we were directed to the washing area where a staff will shampoo your hair and do some head massage as well on the side.

Tonic and Massage

When you hear the word tonic, you know it’s good for your health. The tonic is applied to your hair, followed by a massage that helps to let the scalp absorb in the tonic quickly. The massage was very relaxing and it just takes away the worries and stress of your working day.

Infra-Red Treatment

And the last part of your treatment, the Infra-Red Treatment where you’ll look and feel like Dr. Octopus from Spiderman.


Get it?

A final scalp scan after the treatment

And this is where they’ll prove their worth to you. They’ll take a scan of your scalp again and compare it against your initial scan to show you the differences.




And the best part is…

The best thing about the entire experience was the lack of hard-selling. Upselling services and products? Sure. But not hard-selling.

And it doesn’t hurt that the staff is extremely knowledgeable about their trade as well. Chatting with them is like opening up a wealth of treasure, and they’ll tell you about how your diet, your shampoo, hair styling and even your habits will affect your hair.

After the treatment

We were treated to a free styling session after the treatment. Overall, our scalp felt as though they could breathe again (as said by the guy with clogged up follicles) and our hair felt as though it was reborn.

Being a girl who has experience increased hair fall, my hair fall problem has declined ever since the treatment, with it being free from itch all day!

So don’t say we bojio hor!

They are offering exclusive promotion just for Goody Feed readers! Click here to sign-up for the Award-winning Hair Fall Prevention Treatment at only S$39, plus receive a FREE Home Care Kit (Total worth $155).

TrichoKare is an award-winning Trichological Centre that provides customised European herbal hair remedies validated by certified Trichologists with products formulated by a professional herbalist.

They currently have five outlets in Singapore.

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