Don’t Say Bojio: $0.09 Meatballs & Items Starting From $1 At IKEA’s 75th Bday Bash

Wait a minute. Hold your horses. What the heck are you talking about?!

Observant netizens who’ve read Goody Feed Don’t Say Bojio articles are probably contemplating storming our office (please bring some oranges if you’re coming, we’re craving for them now).

Isn’t it just 5 months ago that we said IKEA Singapore is celebrating their 40th year birthday?!


Don’t shoot us with your SAR21 first. There’s a perfectly legitimate explanation for this.

In May 2018, they were celebrating IKEA Singapore’s 40th year of existence. Now, they’re celebrating original IKEA’s 75th birthday.

Just think of it this way. When it’s IKEA Singapore’s birthday, it’s like your parents’ birthday. You guys can celebrate within your immediate family (Singapore).

But now that it’s the grandparents (original IKEA) birthday, the entire external family (the entire world) has to gather and celebrate.

Not that we’re complaining because for IKEA, birthdays = loads and loads of discounts.

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IKEA’s 75th Year Birthday Bash Over Two Days 

If you’ve got plans for the weekend, it might be a good idea to cancel them and go IKEA instead.

Because IKEA’s two-day birthday bash on the 6 and 7 of October isn’t to be missed.

Expect Items From IKEA Starting From $1

And these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to discounts on IKEA items during the birthday bash.

These are just the island-wide offers.


They will have store-specific deals in-store, together with exciting activities and giveaways during the birthday bash.

So if you’ve always wanted to get any furniture for your home, this might be the best chance to do so.

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And there are lots of exciting activities happening at both IKEA stores as well.


You can party the afternoon away with DJ DefCibel who’ll be playing heart-pumping music worthy of a birthday bash at IKEA Alexandra.

As well as learn how to organise your home, minimalist-style.


Only at IKEA Alexandra. Sunday, 14 Oct from 11 am to 12.30 pm.

Plus, Crazy Crazy Food Deals at Both IKEA Tampines & IKEA Alexandra

You got to admit that IKEA might be known for selling affordable, quality furniture but we just can’t get enough of the food. Especially the meatballs.

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And you know what? Just nice, I’m going to talk about balls right now.

How about 75-cent meatballs?


The first 750 IKEA Family members at IKEA Tampines Restaurant on 6 and 7 Oct can buy a plate of 8-Piece meatballs for the grand total of $0.75. No kidding.

That’s less than 10 cents per ball.

Each IKEA Family member is eligible for one plate of cheap balls per day.

As for IKEA Alexandra


IKEA Family members can get a 16-piece Swedish meatballs combo with mashed potato, broccoli, cream sauce and lingonberry jam plus a soup at $7.50.

Stand a Chance To Win a Shopping Spree


Now, it’s not much of a celebration if you don’t get to win something worth an arm and a leg.

For 6 and 7 Oct, spend $150 nett in a single receipt and you can join IKEA’s lucky draw and (hopefully) win a free IKEA shopping spree.

Each receipt also entitles you to spin the Instant Win Lucky Win wheel located just outside checkout.

This means you’ll definitely win a consolation prize, at least.


Terms and conditions apply, of course

Are You An IKEA FAMILY Member?

Because if you’re not, all those awesome things I’ve mentioned above doesn’t apply to you.

But it’s no big deal because becoming a member is free and easy as heck. Just go to the staff outside IKEA and tell them you want to be an IKEA Family member.

Boom. You’re done.

So what are you waiting for? Time to jio your friends and go explore IKEA this weekend liao! 😉 You’re welcome!


You can find out more information here and here.

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