Don’t Say Bojio: $0.25 Per Meatball, Free Carrot Cake & More Food Deals in IKEA from 18 to 28 July

IKEA started out as a furniture company dedicated to providing cheap, well-designed furniture for the world.

But it’s also well-known for the food that it serves in restaurants.

Soft serve.

Image: IKEA Instagram

Local delights.


And especially meatballs.


Well, guess what?

You can now enjoy all that for cheap.

IKEA Offers For IKEA FAMILY Members

When we talk family members, we’re not talking about you being a Swedish or related to the IKEA people by marriage.

We’re talking people who are members of IKEA.

And from 18 to 28 July 2019, these people can enjoy great discounts on food at IKEA restaurants.

Image: IKEA Singapore

With 43 items on offer, you can go to IKEA every single day from 18 to 28 July and not have to repeat a single meal.

Some Highlights From The Promo

$0.25 Meatballs

Image: IKEA Singapore

Selling at the usual price of $8.50, you can now enjoy 12-Piece meatballs for just the price of $2.90. That’s like $0.25 per meatball.

Just note that it’s limited to the first 100 customers on 25 July, lunch only.

$0.00 Carrot Cake

Image: IKEA Singapore

Love carrot cake? You’re going to love free carrot cake even more.

On 22 July, make your way to IKEA restaurant to enjoy carrot cake on the house. Limited to 2 portions for each card.

$0.00 Salmon Croissant

And it’s not just carrot cake that’s free.

Image: IKEA Singapore

On 18 July, they’re giving out free salmon croissants. Limited to two free croissants per FAMILY card.

$1 Chicken Wings

When IKEA removed chicken wings from their menu, Singaporeans went crazy. Well, if you’re one of them, you’ll go crazy again, but for a totally different reason.

Image: IKEA Singapore

Limited to 12 pieces per purchase, this offer is only available on 19 July. So make sure to mark that date down on your calendar, yeah?

$0.90 Western Breakfast

Feast like a king should become IKEA’s tagline temporarily until the promo ends. Because where else can you get a full-blown western breakfast…

Image: IKEA Singapore

For just $0.90?

Only available for breakfast on 24 July.

Now, if you’re confused over what the heck is breakfast, dinner, etc, here are the IKEA restaurants’ hours:

Image: IKEA Singapore

And So Much More

Besides the specific-day-time promotions, IKEA’s running a $2.50 breakfast promo on their food items as well:

  • Chicken Bee Hoon Soto (Available every Monday)
  • Chicken Curry Mee (Available every Tuesday)
  • Mee Siam (Available every Wednesday)
  • Lor Mee (Available every Thursday)
  • Mee Rebus (Available every Friday)
  • Lontong (Available every Saturday)
  • Vegetarian bee hoon (Available every Sunday)
  • Carrot Cake (Available every Saturday from 6 July onwards)

You can check out the full details of the promo here.

So what are you waiting for? Time to make plans to go IKEA liao. And if you’re not a member yet, might as well become one.

After all, it’s free.

Image: Tooykrub /

Just be prepared for the massive crowd, yeah?