Don’t Say Bojio: 1-for-1 Absolut Vodka In Some Sheng Siong Outlets

When it comes to Vodka, you’d know about Absolut Vodka.

The bottle is Instagram-worthy, it’s our first liquor when we turned 18 (or even before that) and some of us thought that Vodka = Absolut Vodka, and not the other way around.

Image: Darios /

But we all know how expensive it is: they’re often stored behind the cashier, so you can’t take one bottle and look at its ingredient like it’s a bottle of Coke.

With each 700ml bottle costing about $50, it sure isn’t for the low-SES people.

But now, if you’ve been eyeing to be drunk, there’s this deal that’s pretty out of the world, and it’s not in the airport.

In fact, it’s in your friendly neighbourhood supermarket, Sheng Siong.

First Spotted by a Netizen

When I first saw this image without much context on Facebook, I was thinking: Oh, fake news.

How can there be a 1-for-1 discount for liquor? Much of the cost is being taxed for a unique tax known as sin tax, so that’s the main reason why you’d never see discounts on alcohol or cigarettes.

But when the trusty Facebook Page Singapore Atrium Sale came into the picture and showed us that it’s real, my balls are blown.

According to the admin, it is was available in the Woodlands Drive 16 Sheng Siong outlet, and he’s bought one for himself to make us jelly.

Image: Facebook (Singapore Atrium Sale)

People have also told him that it’s available in Sheng Siong Junction 9 and Junction 10, too.

And for your info, there’s no Sheng Siong in Junction 8, so don’t bother heading down to Bishan later.

A check on Sheng Siong website did not show the promotion, and lest you’re looking for Sheng Siong’s social media platforms, don’t bother: it’s not there as well, and I could only find their Instagram account and not a Facebook account.

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So if you’ve a party soon, you might want to head down to the nearest Sheng Siong to try your luck. Power to you if you find this promotion, and if you really do see it, please inform us; we promise we’ll keep it to ourselves. We’re not as noble as Singapore Atrium Sale.

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