Don’t Say Bojio: 1-for-1 Deals with McDonald’s App from 9 Sept to 18 October

Image: McDonalds


So once again, let me prepare to get judged.

I did not know McDonald’s had an app until two weeks ago. Let your judgement begin.

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McDonald’s is basically staple food for us at this point. Rushing for work or school? Grab a Mac. Lazy to wait for a long queue, sit down and eat at a kopitiam? Get some Mac.

McDonald’s has come up with some really interesting things recently, such as the strawberry cream pie that came out two weeks ago.

But hey, want to know something even more interesting?

Like, 1-for-1 and free McSpicy kind of interesting?

Celebrating 40 Years of Macs

In conjunction with its 40th anniversary in Singapore, McDonald’s is launching a ‘40 Days of Thank You’ today as a way of thanking customers for their support through the generations.

In fact, from 9 September to 18 October, customers with the McDonald’s App will enjoy 1-for-1 daily deals. Shiok ah!

Image: Tenor

Get ready as soon as you can.

The very first deal has already begun: Customers will receive a 1-for-1 McSpicy a la carte deal daily for the next three days, via the McDonald’s App.

Already watering for a free McSpicy? Same, and we can show you how to redeem it below!

Image: McDonalds

Also, you know how some promotions are only available a few times per week? Worry not, this promotion is on every day as long as you have the app.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m extremely ready to start pigging out on some juicy burgers right about now (after work)

Image: McDonalds

I mean, just look at that juicy burger.

Not Just One Deal

The value train is at full speed and there are no brakes on this one.

The McSpicy deal might only last for three days, but it’s not the only deal we’re getting.

Image: Giphy

New, fresh deals will be unveiled regularly throughout the next 40 days on the McDonald’s App. What are those new deals? Well, you just have to check back to find out!

You might as just check every day to make sure you don’t miss out on anything amazing (20 piece nugget discount please).

Terms and Conditions

Of course, the poster picture doesn’t tell the entire story. While there aren’t too many, there still are a few terms and conditions to check.

Here are the terms and conditions:

  • Visuals are for illustration purposes only
  • While stocks last
  • Full terms and conditions can be found in the McDonalds app.

Yes, while stocks last. If you go and buy your food and counter tells you no more McSpicy, too bad I probably ate it all.

So what’re you waiting for?

Grab your friends and go before all those McSpicy’s mc-run-out-of-stock!

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