Don’t Say Bojio: 1-for-1 KFC Chicken on 6 July 2019 in All Outlets

Image: KFC

Do you know what day it is on 6 July 2019?

XiaoBeach73: Saturday?

BuffLord95: Oh, shit, is it my girlfriend’s birthday again? Why she got birthday three times a month one?

AhBoy82: Someone’s getting married for the fifth time?

No, friends.

It’s National Fried Chicken Day.

And while it sounds like we made that up, it’s not.

Apparently, no one knows how the day originated; it just appeared, and on this day, some US fast-food chains that sell fried chicken (which is practically all fast-food chains lah) would offer promotion.

This year, Colonel Sanders in Singapore has finally got the memo.

1-for-1 Fried Chicken on 6 July 2019 in all Outlets

On 6 July 2019, which’s on a Saturday, KFC Singapore is celebrating it for the first time, and they’re doing it with a bang.

It doesn’t matter whether you look like an alien or a chicken: on that day, everyone can get 1-for-1 chicken without any conditions.

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Well, actually got conditions lah but they’re just the usual ones:

  • Promotion is available at all KFC restaurants, except KFC Jewel Changi Airport, KidZania, Sentosa, and Singapore Zoo.
  • Valid for Original Recipe and Hot & Crispy chicken ala carte purchase.
  • Limited to 3 sets of 1-for-1 purchase per order for Dine-in, Takeaway and Delivery.

Yeah, unfortunately, the new Cereal chicken isn’t included in the deal.

So if you’re attached, you know where to bring your partner to this Saturday. If you’re single and have friends, jio your friends for some finger lickin’ good food.

If you’re single and have no friends, then please reflect on your life.