Don’t Say Bojio: 1-for-1 Thai Milk Tea Ice Cream in Orchard Central

Image: Cold Stone Creamery


Singapore is a lot of things.

In particular, Singapore is a nation of trends. Especially food trends. We are always (honestly sometimes really randomly) going crazy for what’s #trending at the moment. Most of these trends, however, die down after a while.

Like, for example, the salted egg yolk trend (that’s yet to die, BTW)

Image: SummerKhaw /

Salted egg yolk can be found in all sorts of foods in Singapore. Just grab anything off any menu you can think of, add salted egg yolk to it and you’ll most probably find Singaporeans willing to queue for it.

4D Birthday Cakes

Image: xaviertybakes Instagram Video

As if people spending all their money buying 4D isn’t enough, there are now 4D cakes that dispense real money. Yeah, I know right? So Singaporean. What to do?

Rainbow Grilled Cheese Toast

Image: Denim Background /

Still not sure if this is safe to eat, but the influencers really went crazy for this one.

But Thai Milk Tea, Though

Although Thai Milk Tea isn’t as much of a craze as its more famous cousin, the bubble tea, it is still a huge, deeply loved favourite amongst Singaporeans.

Many attribute their love for Thai milk tea to the fact that Singaporeans travel to and from Thailand very often, where they drink this sweet, milky beverage.


As a result, an acquired taste for it that has to be satisfied, even in Singapore. Many food stall owners have risen to the demand by adding Thai milk tea into their menus.

Like the sweet version of salted egg yolk, Thai milk tea can be added to a variety of desserts as a mouthwatering flavour. It can be added to ice cream, macarons, frozen yogurt, cakes, sweets and more.

And now for the deal you’ve been waiting for:

1-For-1 Thai Milk Tea Ice Cream at Orchard Central’s Cold Stone Creamery. 

Image: Cold Stone Creamery




Cold Stone Creamery is set to shut down its Orchard Central outlet on 7 April 2019.


It’s time to say goodbye to our favourite treat to enjoy while taking a break from all that Orchard Road shopping.

As a huge thank you to its loyal customers and fans for eight years of continuous support, Cold Stone Creamery will be having its final promotion: 1-for-1 Thai milk tea.

The new flavour will be launched on 1 March and the promotion will be available until 14 April.

The ice cream will be made using freshly brewed, authentic Cha Try Mue’s Thai tea leaves.

In awesome Cold Stone Creamery style that we all know and love, the ice cream can be enjoyed with a medley of toppings and sauces and in a waffle or cup.

But if Thai Milk Tea isn’t your favourite, but you got dragged along with your friends who wanted to get theirs, there are lots of other flavours and signature combinations at Cold Stone Creamery that you can enjoy too! No 1-for-1 promotion on those though:(.

So go get yours while you can… and don’t say Bojio!

Location: Cold Stone Creamery, 181 Orchard Road #01-17, Singapore 238896
Opening Hours: 11am to 11pm daily



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