Don’t Say Bojio: 10 Best-est F&B Promos Happening At Jewel Changi Right Now


All hail Jewel Changi.

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After all the hype around what Jewel has to offer, it is finally open to the public. And it doesn’t disappoint.

There isn’t anyone who doesn’t want to travel all the way to Changi Airport just for Jewel; but the question is always when. My advice? Better earlier than later.

Why? Obviously to snag all the possible promotions they have offered for their opening special — whether our kiasu nature defines us or not, trust me when I say that there isn’t any choice but to grab your wallet and head there right away.

If the glaringly ostentatious Rain Vortex isn’t obvious enough already, Jewel promises a place of indulgence — especially when it comes to food.

So expect every single atas food possible, but we’ll try to make it easier for you by cherry-picking the very best deals.

1. Hawker

To ease you into anxiety over all the money you’re going to spend, we’ll start with the cheapest deal at Hawker (yeah, that’s the name of the place).

Don’t belittle the name of this fast-food restaurant; if it earned a place at Jewel, you can bet that it has standards.

Unfortunately, there are no deals for their iconic Singapore-inspired burgers. However, they offer three pieces of fried garlic drumlets for $2 — the cheapest food you can get at Jewel, without a shadow of a doubt. Alternatively, order a combo meal and get a free upsize to large curly fries.

A large packet of fries is the epitome of fast food haven itself, but curly fries? That just broke the glass ceiling.

2. Old Chang Kee

Another place for snacks is definitely Old Chang Kee, with its iconic Singaporean taste. It occupies a place in the top 10 deals simply because you get to save a whole $27.90.

From $45.90 to $18, the deal feels too good to be true.

What you get for $18 is four puffs of your choice and a tingkat.

The deal may seem unappealing unless you know what a tingkat actually is.

Image: (This one is for is for illustration purpose only lah, we don’t know how the free one looks like)

These tiered lunchboxes have a special place in the hearts of Singaporeans, and the vintage vibe that they give off is unbelievable. If it were up to me, I would keep it even if I have no use for it, simply so that I can present it as a vintage collectable in the future.


If you’re sceptical about buying four curry puffs, be heartened to know that there are exclusive flavours at Old Chang Kee Jewel Changi.

Now, if you’re wondering, how exclusive? We’re talking Mala, Teriyaki Chicken, BBQ Chicken and, of course, our very own Chilli crab.

Which you should have seen in our app if you come in daily (you’re reading this on Facebook /website? That’s so 2015).

If that isn’t a recipe to capture the hearts of Singaporeans, I don’t know what is.

3. d.Good Cafe

Don’t let the first two deals betray you; Jewel has its fair share of cafes, and each one is just as atas and tastes just as good as the other.


We can’t talk about cafes without mentioning d’Good cafe. Not only is it established among frequent cafe hoppers, the food is as aesthetic as it is delectable.

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But it also goes without saying that the price is a little off-putting. That’s why their 1-for-1 deal for mains is the best thing we’ll get in this lifetime — so even if the food costs $20, you’ll end up paying $10. For cafe food, that is practically unprecedented.

4. Pazzion Cafe

If you’ve already eaten at d’Good before, then try out Pazzion cafe instead.


A shoe store opening up a cafe may certainly be eccentric, but Pazzion does an impeccable job in making it look good.

So even if the food was average, that Instagram post is definitely worth it — and you won’t even have to spend much.


From now to 30 April 2019, their Jewel outlet has a 15% off for all mains and pasta. But if you’re in for dessert, spend just $10 to get a set of stainless steel straws. That’s three straws in a pack; getting the in thing has never been cheaper.


Be sure to get the straws before 5 May 2019 though; you can bet that it’ll run out in a mere week.

5. O’ Coffee Club Roastery

Alternatively, at O’Coffee Club Roastery, you can get an extra filling meal with the addition of a free dessert.


On weekdays, order a main and drink to get a half waffle with ice-cream. And we all know that anything with ice-cream is the best form of dessert.

6. Emack & Bolio’s

If you’re in for treats, then what other places to go than the hyped Emack & Bolio’s? Their deal is best shared with friends — order two scoops and your broke friend can get a single junior scoop for free.

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Of course, it’s not Emack & Bolio’s without their toppings.

7. Icenoie Hokkaido

For a more toned down version of ice-cream, try the Hokkaido soft serve at Icenoie Hokkaido instead. Their deal for 1-for-1 soft serve is limited to the first 50 people only, but the stellar reputation of their soft serves are definitely worth queuing up for.

Source: 8 Days

Even if you’re not into the plain soft serve, their creme brulee soft serve is to die for — if only for their aesthetics.

8. Cafe Amazon

Speaking of aesthetics, latte art has to be the most classic of them all. At Cafe Amazon, you’ll not only get cheaper lattes but upgraded ones too.

Their latte immediately looks way more atas with their complimentary latte art, so you can convince people that you’re more sophisticated than you actually are.

And there’s more.

Follow and Like their Facebook and Instagram Pages, and you can claim even more discounts before 10 May 2019!


9. Läderach Chocolatier Suisse

If you’re in for something sweet, you can always take a leap of faith with Läderach Chocolatier Suisse — they take chocolates to a whole new realm with their aesthetic flat pieces of chocolate.

Source: Facebook

You can actually get a free tote bag with any purchase. And free tote bags that actually look decent are hard to find, so these chocolate designs are actually pretty worth it; just like their chocolates.

10. Kam’s Roast

I’ve saved the best for the last — Kam’s roast. This seemingly unassuming name is actually a whole Michelin star restaurant. And there’s even an offer? Whether you like Chinese food or not, this is definitely worth a try.

Source: Kam’s Roast

Take away any roast meat on rice or noodles, and you get a free half marinated egg and two slices of marinated tofu.

With Kam’s Roast, it is not about the looks; it is about the quality. If you miss out on this meal simply because it doesn’t look appetising, then you’re in for a loss.

With 112 dining outlets in Jewel, we’re incredibly hard for choice. To make full use of all the promotions laid out in front of us like treasures, there’s no other way but to spend every day of your next few weeks there.