Don’t Say Bojio: 2 Personal Pan Pizzas + Garlic Bread For Just $12 From Pizza Hut

It’s 22 May, and you know what that means.

It’s my pet gerbil, Boba’s birthday!


And indeed, so glad am I that my dear Boba has successfully turned from 1 to 2, that I’m generously offering some kiasu deets this festive occasion. Because I’m that overjoyed.

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Reader: Omg, happy birthday Boba! I so wish that I can be a Boba and be a happy one too, but alas…

Worry not, ol’ Boba-less reader. To express my gratitude at having a Boba for a pet, and my appreciation towards your kind comments, here’s something you might find of use:

Pizza Hut Delivery Deal

Pizza Hut’s having a promotion for its fan-favourite personal pan pizzas, and it’s even throwing in a good ol’ garlic bread on top!


Now is that a kiasu deet or what?


2 Personal Pan Pizzas + Garlic Bread For Just $12 From Pizza Hut 

This late May, Pizza Hut’s making all your binge eating fantasies a reality, by throwing together a couple of personal pan pizzas and garlic bread, for the price of 12 Toto quick picks!


12 chances at the jackpot? Nah, I’ll take my pizzas anytime.

And indeed, to encapsulate what a good deal this really is, I’ve, taking inspiration from my Korean counterparts, decided to present the deal under a variety of lights.

In-app poster light:


Order selection angle:


And honestly, considering how the original price was a hefty $25.80, you’re essentially feasting on a deal that has been slashed by more than 50%.

If that’s not generosity at its finest, I don’t know what is.


If your promotional appetite has yet to be satiated, rejoice, because I’m far from done. This Ramadan, it seems that Pizza Hut’s really going all out because it has some other great deals in the pantry too.

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Like this ‘3 Regular Pizzas for just $30’ deal, for example.


Before you salivate all over your screen, remember that the original retail price of this combo was $62.70.

Yeah, you get more than $32.70 off.

And incredibly, it seems that if you opt to take away the golden combo, you get another 20% off. Pure blasphemy.

Where do I sign up?

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And of course, the classic 1-for-1 Pizza every Monday -Thursday will surely get some tongues ‘wagging’ too.


With deals as ‘exorbitant’ as these…


I’m calling it. Want a feast at a more-than-affordable price? Pizza Hut’s your go-to.

And so… what’re you waiting for?

Whether you’re starving for some good, affordable pizzas, or just up to nick some beast deals for your Ramadan, this is it. So get out your computers/phones (whichever is more convenient) and get the orders out. And trust me when I say this;

It’ll be the best decision you’ll have ever made.

Image: Imgflip
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