Don’t Say Bojio: 30% off All Haircare Products in Guardian Until 22 July


Are you having a bad hair day? Or perhaps, are you having bad hair day every day?

Well, now is the best time to save your grass – I mean, hair, because purple-haired Sylvia from NOC is here to provide you with offers you can’t miss!

In case you can’t read what’s on the video description:

Time to show those tresses some REAL LOVE! 😍🚿
Here’s 30% off ALL hair care items from now till 22 July! Yes, you heard us right! Wait no more and bring em’ hair care goodies home! Share with us what your go-to hair care essentials with the hashtag #GuardianHairDays. 🛒

Head over to our stores islandwide or shop online. Limited quantities only, whilst stocks last. #GuardianBeautyDays #HairCare #GuardianSG

Well, maybe not Sylvia herself (we would love to have bad hair day just to see her in real life!), but Guardian Singapore is having some crazy deals these few days.

From 19 July to 22 July, there would be 30% off ALL haircare products, so you can have hair as silky as Sylvia’s purple hair.

And we’re not talking about just mainstream brands you can get from supermarkets: we’re also talking about high-end one, like this ultra-soothing colour shampoo…


…this this high-SES conditioner with horses on its packaging:


In fact, I would say that the term “haircare” is being used very loosely here, because it also includes hair wax to make you look like Logan…

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…and most importantly, even hair dye so that you can look like Sylvia!


Simply put, it’s not just haircare: it’s everything hair (though it’s just for the hair on your head lah).

But wait. There’s more.

Daily Deals with 50% off

How about 50% some haircare products?

Why not, unless you’re in BMT now, right?

Every day, from 19 July to 22 July, there would be a deal of the day, in which an item would have its price slashed by half.


If that’s not good enough, I don’t know what is.

You can enjoy the deals online, or just hair down to any Guardian outlets, which I may add, is literally everywhere lah.

But of course, be fast-hand-fast-leg, because we noticed this comment:

Hairy up!

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