Don’t Say Bojio: 5 Less Mainstream Student Deals You Didn’t Know Exist in S’pore


When we hear the term ‘student meal’, we usually think of the popular Eighteen Chefs baked rice meal that students can get for a mere $6.40, or the deals from other outlets such as Hot Tomato and KFC.

But eating from these places can get boring after some time, so here are 5 other student deals that you can enjoy!

1. The Ship

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The exterior of this restaurant looks pretty posh, which is maybe why students don’t really get attracted to eat there. However, they have extremely affordable set meals at $8.50++ that entitles you to a main, a drink, a soup, and a scoop of ice cream.

It might be pricier than the nearby Eighteen Chefs but you’ll get to try something new for not too much more!

2. QQ Rice

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Image: Facebook (QQ Rice)

QQ Rice is a very interesting concept for those who like eating on the go and don’t have a big appetite. You choose a type of rice and 5 fillings, and the servers will roll it all into a compact rice ball, easy to grab and go.

They are pretty generous with the filling and the rice ball stays warm and fragrant for some time. Depending on what type of rice you get, prices are $4.50 or $4.70 but students get 10% off their bill!

3. Fish Tales


Located conveniently at SCAPE where students love to hang out, Fish Tales serves up affordable and tasty western food for those who absolutely adore fish and chips.

Choose from either their Original Fish and Chips or Cheese Karaage Pasta, and get a bowl of chowder and side dish of mashed potato puffs for only $6.90! Seems like a good deal to me!

4. Greendot

Image: Facebook (Greendot)
Image: Facebook (Greendot)

Greendot might not be a familiar name among students, but it certainly is among vegetarians! Known for their nutritious vegetarian dishes that feel home-cooked, they also offer really reasonable student meals at $6.90, which would yield you a slightly limited choice of mains and a drink.

I would recommend the bento set since you get to choose what dishes you want, but ultimately all their mains are great! Plus the service is excellent and you will always feel at home in their cosy outlets.


5. Mad Jack


Mad Jack might be slightly more known to students even though its outlets aren’t in the popular town area. For $6.45++ you get a solid main and a Pepsi, and their food has received pretty good reviews!

Examples of the mains you can get are Nasi Lemak, Burgers, Fish and Chips etc. Located pretty conveniently at NEX, don’t forget to head down and give it a try!

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