Don’t Say Bojio: 7% + 7% Off in Selected Changi Airport Shops on 5 to 7 July & 12 to 14 July

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To some of us, Changi Airport isn’t just a place for us to fly off to some remote country.

It’s also a place for us to fantasize about the day whereby we’d be able to stay in one of its high-SES lounges, to study for our upcoming examinations or to simply to shop.

And if you belong to the latter, then here’s the goody news: in conjunction with the Great Singapore Sale whereby participating shops would absorb the 7% GST on 7 July 2019 while increasing their prices by 7% for a day, Changi Airport is taking it up a notch by offering 7% off + 7% off for two weekends.

I’m not sure whether it’s a total of 14% (7% + 7% of list price) or 13.51% (7% of list price and then another 7% off the discounted price), but it’s still a steal.

7% + 7% Off Everything in Changi Airport Shops on 5 to 7 July & 12 to 14 July

Two days ago, Changi Airport posted this and I’ve got to admit that I was caught by surprise,

Image: Facebook (Changi Airport)

Did the atas Changi Airport just posted a meme?

Image: Gifs SkyMeteor

Trust me, we’ve worked with many brands and agencies, and those high-SES ones would usually steer away from low-SES stuff like memes or even jokes. So this is something new.

But the deal itself is more surprising.

For two weekends (5 July to 7 July and 12 July to 14 July), Changi Rewards members can enjoy an additional 7% GST savings when they spend at least $30 in each transaction at participating outlets in the public areas of Changi Airport Terminals 1, 2, 3  and 4 (excluding Jewel).

But you must be thinking: I’m not a Changi Rewards member. That must be some high-SES membership that only my boss can join, right?

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It’s a free point-based loyalty programme that you can simply join online by tapping here. You’ll start off with the Member Tier and if you spend more in Changi Airport, you’d be upgraded to the Gold Tier. And if you’re like Platinum Ah Lian who lives in Changi and buy all your stuff from Changi Airport because why not, you’ll move on to the Platinum Tier.

But let’s just start with the Member Tier, whereby technically, you need not pay for GST. So it’s more of joining = 7% discount and this promotion = 7% more discount.

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This promotion isn’t just about 14% or 13.51% discount, though.

Free Vouchers & $10 Grab Vouchers

On the first weekend, if you’re the first 70 customers on a day to have spent $70 in participating outlets at the public areas of Changi Airport Terminals 1, 2, 3 and 4 (excluding Jewel), you can redeem a $10 voucher.


For more info, tap here.

And for the second weekend (12 July to 14 July), if you’re first 100 customers on a day to have spent $100 with your Mastercard in participating outlets, you’ll get a $10 Grab voucher.


More info here.

So if you happen to travel during these two weekends, remember to bring more Singapore dollars along!

More info can be found here.

And here’s a reminder again: this doesn’t apply to Jewel. That one still super new lah, don’t need promotions to draw crowds in #justsaying