Don’t Say Bojio: 7-Eleven Now Selling ‘Healthy’ Bottled Bubble Tea at 2 Bottles For $3.60 (Until 22 Jan)

Image: 7-Eleven Singapore Facebook Page

Bubble tea is life.

That’s what my bubble-tea-addicted colleague always say.

They like it so much, they’ve made a video about it:

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Image: Tenor

If you’re like the cute kid in the gif above, and you’re always up for trying new bubble tea flavours, you’ll be interested in what 7-Eleven Singapore is selling right now.

Bottled Peach Bubble Tea


Bubble tea, in a bottle.

No longer do you have to rush to finish your drink before getting on the MRT, or have it spill around because you have butter fingers.

Currently, 7-Eleven is only selling one flavour at their stores: peach milk tea. Or to be exact, according to them, the world’s first bottled bubble tea.

And depending on how well it’s received, it could probably be the last too.

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It comes with black and white konjac pearls in a 450 ml plastic bottle.

And I emphasise, konjac.

That’s different from the normal tapioca balls in normal bubble teas so the texture might be a tad bit different.

And They’re Now Selling It At a Discount

Not sure if you’re going to splurge on this? 7-Eleven might’ve anticipated this, which is why they’re running a promotion on the drink.

From now until 22 Jan, you can get your hands on two of these bottles for the price of $3.60. That’s like $1.80 per bottle.

In other words, Sweet-Talk pricing.

After all, if it’s any pricier, you might as well go drink real bubble tea, right?

Plus, you can get a friend to go through the torture taste test with you. Misery loves company, right?

And You Can Tell Your Friends That It’s Healthy Too

Okay, the sugar and whatnot will probably be as unhealthy as other bubble teas.

But the konjac pearls changed things up a bit.

According to our resident TCM expert (read: Google), Konjac is good for your health.

It has almost no calories and has tons of fiber, so it’s normally used for diet food.

Plus, clinical studies have shown that it can significantly lower plasma cholesterol, improve your carbohydrate metabolism, help with bowel movement and your colonic ecology.

People in China have used it for detoxification, phlegm liquefaction and used it to treat asthma, cough, hernia, burns as well as haematological and skin disorders.

In other words, drinking this bubble tea might just help you improve your health and achieve your 2019 weight loss resolution.

But, of course, nothing’s more important than the taste. I mean, if nutritional content was really important to the majority of Singaporeans, would there be a booming demand for bubble tea now?