Don’t Say Bojio: 8 Kiasu-est Deals Happening in S’pore This Week (24-29 Apr)

It’s that time of the week again.

Good stuff…

…for cheap.


Here are the 8 best deals we’ve hunted for you this week!

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So, what deals do we still have?

1. 40% OFF Everything At Esprit Online Store

Who says you can only buy new clothes just before Chinese New Year?

We don’t really need traditions to tell us when to shop.

What we really, really need is an excuse like this.

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From 24-25 Apr 2018, take your shopping spree online at Esprit’s online store.

We’re not talking about 40% off selected items hor. It’s 40% OFF all regular-priced items.

And if you spend above $100? You’ll get an additional 10% OFF. Basically half-price or 1-for-1 lah.

Plus, spend above SGD50 and your goods will be delivered to you free-of-charge within 1 to 2 business days.

Terms and Conditions Apply:

  • The sale will last until 2359 hours (11.59 pm for those who didn’t serve NS) on 25 Apr 2018
  • Discount will be automatically applied at checkout
  • Not valid with member discounts or other promotions/coupons/offers
  • Excludes selected products

Location: Esprit’s online store
When: Until 25 Apr 2018 at 11.59 pm.

2. Bossini 50% OFF Storewide Massive Sale at

Esprit not your cup of tea? How about some Bossini instead, sir?

From 24-26 Apr 2018, Bossini is holding a 50% OFF Storewide Sale at their official store on

I’m talking clothes for men.

Image: Bossini official lazada store

Clothes for women

Image: Bossini official lazada store

And kids too!

Image: Bossini official lazada store

Good looking clothes for cheap.

What else can you ask for, right?

Sorry, I’m a bit obsessed with deals for clothes because I need to ge new ones…mine can’t fit me anymore. #TrueStory

Where: Bossini Official Store on Lazada
When: 24-26 Apr 2018

3. Haagen-Dazs 1-For-1 Parfait Crunch Dessert at ALL Outlets

What’s better than eating ice-cream? Having a friend to eat ice-cream with, right?

But you know what’s even better? Having a friend to eat ice-cream with…and get it for cheap.

Which is what Haagen-Dazs is giving you this week.

Image: Haagen-Dazs Facebook Page

From now until 27 Apr 2018, you can enjoy a 1-for-1 deal for their Haagen-Dazs Parfait Crunch at all Haagen-Dazs outlets in Singapore.

Just make your way to the store with your friend and enjoy this awesome deal.

The promo is available for both takeaways and dine-in orders.

Just take note that if you eat at Haagen-Dazs, you’ll have to pay an extra 10% service charge.

But who cares? It’s 50% OFF.

Where: ALL Haagen-Dazs outlets in Singapore
When: 23 to 27 Apr 2018

4. 10 Cents Jollibean Items Every Weekday From 23 Apr 2018

Imagine buying a cup of delicious soy milk at only $0.10. Or a peanut pancake for that same price.

In Singapore.


Apparently, it is possible to do this, at least at Jollibean lah.

Image: Jollibean Facebook Page

From 23 Apr 2018 onwards, you can make your way to any Jollibean outlet on weekdays and enjoy your second item at $0.10, depending on which day it is.

For example, if you go on a Monday, you can get any one item and buy a soy milk (or any drink), it’ll be $0.10.

But take note that the higher-priced item will be charged the full-price lah.

The promo is valid on Mondays to Fridays from 5 pm to 8 pm.

While they never specify the end date, they did state that this promotion is available for a limited time only.

So faster go plan liao, eh!

Where: All Jollibean outlets
When: From 23 Apr onwards, Mondays to Fridays from 5 to 8 pm

5. 1-for-1 Cheese Cold Brew at ALL Joe & Dough Outlets

Since we’re on the topic of 1-for-1, here’s another one that you might want to check out.

LiHo isn’t the only place selling cheese beverages.

Well-known coffee and sandwich maker, Joe & Dough is introducing their own version of these cheesy beverages to you in the best possible way.

Image: Joe & Dough Facebook Page

From now until 30 Apr 2018, head down to any Joe & Dough outlet, buy yourself a cup of Cheese Cold Brew and enjoy another one on the house.

Their version of the Cheese cold-brewed tea gives you hints of Gula Melaka in every sip, accompanied by earthy and caramel toasty notes.

Image: Joe & Dough Facebook Page

And the coffee version is smooth and refreshing with savoury caramel undertones. Best drunk without a straw.

Where: All Joe & Dough outlets
When: 23 to 30 Apr 2018

6. Swensen’s 1-For-1 Ice Cream Meltdown, Fruzer Shakes, Yoghurt Smoothies & Beverages

Always asking for plain water when you eat at Swensen’s?

You don’t have to do that this week.


Because 1-for-1, that’s why!

Image: Swensen’s App

From 23-27 Apr 2018, make your way to any Swensen’s outlets (except Earle Swensen’s and T2) and treat yourself to a 1-for-1 drink promo together with your food.

All you got to do is to download the Swensen’s app and flash the discount image before offering.

And ta-da, enjoy!

Terms and Conditions Apply

  • The lower priced drink will be free
  • Not valid with other discounts or Swensen’s membership point accumulation in the same bill

7. EZ-Link Tsum-Tsum Charm Will Change The Way You Take Bus & MRT From Now On

If you’ve not been paying attention to EZ-Link’s website, you’re missing out.

From EZ-Link rewards to cute card designs, there’s plenty to explore.

Image: EZ-Link website

But that’s not the main point today.

Today, we’re talking about Tsum-Tsum charms.

No more having to dig through your bag for the EZ-Link card that always seems to go missing at the critical point.

No more having to withstand dirty glares from impatient aunties behind you.

Just place one of these babies on your watch (if you wear one) and you’re good to go.

Now selling for $19.90 (yes, a bit expensive but when you think of the convenience), you can get yours here.

8. Free Milo For NTUC Members Because #LabourDay

Are you a NTUC member? Because if you are, we’ve got some great news for you.


From 26 Apr to 1 May, all NTUC members can redeem a FREE Iced Milo (S) at McDonald’s with any purchase.

All you got to do is to flash your NTUC card at the main restaurant front counters and you’ll get your cup of milo for free.

Yes, it’s as easy as that.

Just note that the promotion is not valid at McCafe, Desert Kiosk, McDelivery, Drive-Thru and self-ordering kiosks.

Each card is only limited to 1 free milo per transaction.

So there you go, 8 best deals happening this week.

You’re welcome! 😉

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