Don’t Say Bojio: Absolutely Free Limited Seats on Jetstar (Book Before 30 Nov)

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The headline definitely sounds like a scam: I mean, free seats?

In Jetstar?

Meh, skip.

Until you see this:

Yes, it’s the official Jetstar Facebook Page with that blue verified tick. And yes, it’s really $0 if you look at the official booking website.


So no, it’s not a scam.

Though you still need to pay lah. Here’s why.

JetStar 100K Free Seats Promotion

You see, the cost of a flight isn’t just about the flight itself.

There are many costs involved: from taxes, fees and whatnot. Just think of it as a car: the cost of the car isn’t high. It’s the hidden costs (e.g. COE, parking, taxes) that jack up the overall price.

For example, departing from Changi Airport means you have to pay a $47.30 fee per person. That money goes to the airport and not to the airline.

And that, my friend, is unavoidable, whether you’re taking Jetstar, AirAsia or SIA. Just think of Changi Airport as a high-SES car park lah.

But JetStar is indeed providing free seats.

I tried “booking” a flight to KL and was “charged” $47.30 for the departure flight and $11.93 (Kuala Lumpur International Airport fee, which is technically at RM35) for the return flight.



So the cost of the travel is really $0.

And to further confirm, I went on and on until it asked for payment, and there’s no extra fee (unless you want to choose your own seat or you want to buy something like a meal or check in a luggage).

So yes, this promotion is crazily crazy, and crazily legit.

Have to Travel On or After 2 January 2019

Of course Jetstar won’t be so gong as to provide the free seats during peak season in December, so you’ll have to fly on or after 2 January 2019.

In addition, you’ve to book before 30 November 2018, or while seats last.

Last I checked, there are still many flights available, though some are selling fast.


And if you look at the comments section, you’ll see that their server seemed to be overload on certain periods.

Image: Facebook (Jetstar Asia)

That could only mean one thing: tickets are flying off the virtual shelf.

So if you intend to fly next year, don’t wait liao: buy first, think later!

To book, tap here.


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