Don’t Say Bojio: Audio House Giving Away 6 Tons Of Durian To Audio House Members

Image: Piotr Kloska / / Audio House


Quick, what does sound got to do with durian?

Actually, nothing much in common. But what about FREE DURIAN? Sounds good?

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And because Audio House is giving 2 durians each for free, here’s a double whammy with one more obligatory gif:


Audio House Giving 6 tons of Durians for Free to Members, No Purchase Required

Image: Audio House

Member?? Must need a signup fee or minimum purchase, right?


Membership registration is free.

All you need to do are these 4 steps for free durian:

  1. Register membership at
  2. Register interest for free durian redemption here.
  3. A confirmation email with instructions for redemption at Audio House on 13 and 14 July 2019.
  4. Go to Audio House on 13th or 14 July. Did I mention you enter the priority queue if you join before 12 pm on 12th July 2019?
Image: Mememaker

So, if you cheapo and register get 2 durians, unfair to actual paying customers right?

Here’s the thing: Each member is entitled 2 additional durians if they spend at least $100 at Audio House during the 2 days.


6 tonnes of durian

Wah, must be limited stock lah later waste my time go there.

Nope. They ordered 6 tonnes. That’s 5443.11 kg.

Do you know what is 5000 kg? A damn Wrecker Tow Truck. That’s heavier than Optimus Prime‘s 4.3 tonnes.

Image: Giphy

When someone says they’re giving away more than an Optimus Prime worth of durians, I think that’s enough even with their current 113,000 members.

Members get 20% cashback

If you think free durians is all that they’re giving, you’ll be wrong. Audio House members have an additional 20% cashback with every $100 spent at Audio House.

This is given in the form of Audio House e-vouchers that can be used for subsequent purchases, offsetting S$20 for every S$100 spent.

Audio House Sells All Kinds of Electronics

And just in case you got misled by my opening or their name, Audio House actually sells more than 4,3000 electronic items including TVs, Fridges, Washers, Hob & Hood, air-conditioners, home entertainment, small appliances, computer, accessories and outdoor furniture.

If you join the member you’ll also see that their prices are the lowest in Singapore. Found a lower price? Tell them, cause they match the price for you.

Image: Giphy


It almost seemed too good. Unfortunately, like many hidden gems, they only have one warehouse at Bendemeer, so I can’t say everybody will get free durians.

Audio House Durian Giveaway Campaign

  • Date: 13 and 14 July 2019
  • Time: 1pm to 9pm
  • Venue: Audio House, 72 Bendemeer Road, Luzerne building, Singapore 33994 (15 mins walk from Boon Keng MRT)

Just remember to be civil and enjoy the durian together.

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