Don’t Say Bojio: Blackball Double Happiness Cup is Finally Here in S’pore!


Are you a fan of Blackball? Not just their desserts but their drinks as well. Well, if you are, I’ve got great news for you!

Blackball Double Happiness Cup 雙享杯 is Finally Here in Singapore!

Always find yourself having difficulty choosing between two different flavours? Should you go for their normal milk tea or a fruity one? 

Well, worry no more! Now you can get two different flavours at the price of one! From $4.90, you can get yourself a cup of double happiness with two different flavours. This is perfect for those who always take five minutes at the counter to make your choice.

Perfect for People on a Diet Too!

This is also perfect if you and your girlfriend are on a diet. To calm your guilty consciences, you guys always share a cup of smooth, chilled tea and most of the time, the lady gets to make the choice.

Instead of having to give in all the time, you can now enjoy your favourite drink without feeling guilty. 

Although Blackball Singapore meant this as a sweet gesture to share between you and your loved one, we know there’ll be some people out there who’s going to get one cup and drink it all by himself. Yes, I’m talking about myself. 


Tell me, are you as excited about this as I am right now? 

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