Don’t Say BoJio: Burger King Latest Breakfast Coupon Deals


Hit the jackpot with Burger King with these amazing deals!


From now till 31 March, enjoy great discounts whenever you dine at Burger King! All you need to do is flash one of these coupons and you’re free to dig into your meal.

Breakfast coupons offer golden brown croissants sandwiching egg, ham and cheese, along with nuggets and a drink to wash it all down. Luxurious fluffy pancakes are available too, topped with stick sweet syrup.

A ham and cheese omelette platter meal is also a great choice, with its juicy patty, soft chewy egg, and croissant. If you can’t decide between the two different types, might as well go with the combo that offers all the goodies for just $8!


After breakfast hours, you can still satisfy your cravings. Small snacks like sundaes, fries, nuggets and onion rings are available, along with burger meals like the classic Whopper, mushroom Swiss set, or Nacho Cheese Fish ‘N Crisp.

Here’s the best part: you could save up to $15.05 with this coupon. Bring a friend or two to share your meal with, and for $20, you’ll be saving big while filling your belly! With 3 Sjora drinks and two thick burgers, there’s no way you’ll be feeling hungry after this meal.


Visit one of these outlets to get your fix today!

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