Don’t Say Bojio: Carl’s Jr Having 1-For-1 Burger Promotion Till 1 Nov 2019

Don’t quote me on this: sandwiches, and by extension, burgers, are the perfect, balanced food.

Editor: “Sandwiches, and by extension burgers, are the perfect, balanced food.” – Goody Feed Writer


Hear me out. A good burger has carbs, protein, and a good amount of vegetables to go with it. It’s not just about the juicy, tender, fatty meat. It’s also about the harmony of everything coming together in a blend of blissful balance.

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It’s the acrobatics of flavour at work here.

People say the classic side with a burger is fries. Bullshit.

One burger is one meal. Period. A burger needs nothing else. If you need a side, the burger is inadequate. If you prefer a burger with the pure flavours of meat, that’s fine. In that case, get a salad for a side. The last thing you need are more carbs.

And then there’s people like BuffLord92 who says “a burger is a snack”.

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So what if I told you, that Carl’s Jr isn’t just providing one complete meal from 29 Oct to 1 Nov, 2-5pm, but TWO for the price of one?

Buy 1 California Classic Double Cheeseburger, Free 1 Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Image: Facebook (Carl’s Jr Singapore)

Now, I don’t know about you guys. You could be seeing just a beef burger and a chicken burger.

What I see is the Carl’s Jr rendition of In-N-Out’s Double Double, with a cool addition on the side.

This is dinner plus breakfast, baby!

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Yes, I’m the kind who leaves leftovers for breakfast. Sue me.

But in any case, you’d probably want to know about the Terms & Conditions before heading down to Carl’s Jr for the sweet sweet deal.

Terms & Conditions

  • Available from 29 Oct to 01 Nov 2019, 2 pm to 5 pm only.
  • Maximum 2 redemptions per customer.
  • Offers cannot be exchanged or redeemed for cash & strictly non-exchangeable for other products.
  • Not valid for any other promotions, discounts or privilege membership card.
  • The management reserves all rights to amend the terms & conditions of this offer without prior notice.

That’s right, the deal only lasts until Friday, and is only available in between the normal lunch and dinner times.

Wait a minute… does this mean that Carl’s Jr supports BuffLord92’s stance that burgers = snacks?

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